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RUB must haves and must avoids?

Trying to put together a small (ish) buffet for some friends, using RUB's takeout. I personally love their ribs, but was hoping to solicit opinions for must adds -- and must avoids -- in both meat and side categories. Thanks!

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  1. BBQ Bacon Chunks (not healthy), Pulled pork, and BBQ boneless ribs.

    Can you tell I am a fan of pork!

    1. Pulled pork, brisket and burnt ends are the best of the lot. Poultry turns out dry. Onion strings are always super greasy, but I always get them as a side anyway. Bacon chunks would convert Osama bin Laden to Christianity.

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          Second the Deep Fried oreos,pulled pork and burnt ends. Adding the baked beans and grab some Shiner Bock beer as well!


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            I'm all about the burnt ends and baked beans. The onions strings are gut busters. One order is enough for 2-3 people.

        2. Wings and sausage. Burnt ends are great, too, but best eaten on the spot.

          1. their burnt ends used to be good but the quality has really suffered at rub. theyre incredibly gristly these days. their pulled pork is still solid but heavy, their bbq chicken is surprisingly moist and good.

            the only side i like is their baked beans which happen to be the best in the city if you ask me.

            these days, i think the quality is at hill country for bbq

            1. i'd choose daisy may over this place without question.

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                I was thinking the same thing as I read this thread. RUB just isn't all that great...
                LOVE the beef rib at Daisy Mae's and the sides are generally better than RUBs.

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                  i tried rub three times . i really wanted to like this place. three different types of ribs, wings, fried oreos. we also had the fries and onions all three times which taste like they are fried in dirty oil. i didn't care of anything i ate. not even the oreos.

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                  I lived up the street from both RUB and Daisy Mae's at various points and had the chance to try each many times. I really think the pork and sides are superior at RUB. But the beef rib, which Ora mentions, is indeed fantastic at Daisy Mae's.

                3. another vote for the pulled pork.
                  brisket was good, if you like lean cut, but there's better in the city.

                  1. I'd recommend burnt ends and maybe the pulled pork. I think the onion strings are a must (hopefully none of your friends are cardiologists), the beans are great, and the greens are very good.

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                      The beans are amazing! I almost forgot about those. Some of the best baked beans I've ever had.

                    2. The BBQ bacon chunks mentioned above are out of this world. And perfect finger food. You don't have to get too much of those because they're so rich (and yes, fatty), they fill you up quick.

                      1. oh yeah...those baked beans..on fridays i walk acrosss 23rd on my way to penn station and pick up a container to bring on the train..the aroma is a big hit and they are increible..i'm addicted

                        1. Love the burnt ends and the beans! The beans are the smokiest I've ever had; thick and laced with chunks of burnt end pieces. The ends themselves are amazing; tender and suprememly smoky with a wicked crust (although as one poster said, they can be a bit too gristly at times). The brisket and ham are pretty good, but the last time I was there, they were a bit dry. The turkey doesn't do it for me and I've always found the pulled pork to be mushy. Never tried the ribs. The potato salad is pretty darn tasty and the onion (straws?) are wicked good, but I avoid them as I really don't need to be eating that, however much my stomach tries to talk me into it.

                          1. St. Louis ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork. Smoked and fried Buffalo wings. Onions, mayo slaw. Hear good things about the beans but never tried.

                            1. I usually love RUB but I ordered my favs this weekend and it was pretty terrible. Burnt ends and the baked beans. Half the burnt ends were chunks of fat with no meat at all. The baked beans were runny and in the past I have loved the chunks of pork in the beans but this time, it was again fatty chunks. I had to keep picking out chunks of fat from the beans... pretty gross.

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                                Think it was a fluke. I did takeout tonight and it all tasted close spec.
                                Maybe not as perfect as past trips but still great!

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                                  They can be unreliable. I used to order on a weekly basis, and sometimes the food would be how bussy described. But when RUB is good, it's really, really good.

                              2. I still think RUB is one of the top BBqs in NYC. Wings can't be beat and burnt ends are to die for. I also like the fries - nice and salty. In truth, I haven't had a bad meal yet there.

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                                  I love rub too, but I have had some misses as well. I definitely will be returning often, but I can only handle all that fat once a month.