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Mar 13, 2008 01:27 PM

Comme Ca or Osteria Mozza

I will be heading down to LA from SF over the weekend in late April and am deciding between the Comme Ca and Osteria Mozza.

We will be a party of 4, all in our mid-20s. I understand the basic differences: French Brasserie vs. Italian Rustic.

So Which shoud I choose?

This past Winter I was in NYC but tried a month in advance to get into Babbo but those phone lines were ridiculous and I was on hold for over 30 minutes (I started calling 5 minutes before opening). So Osteria Sounds good, for the Pasta and the Rustic food, similar somewhat to Babbo. I have been to Pizzeria Mozza and thought it was good, not great, but good.

As for Comme Ca, I haven't had French Brasserie food in awhile and I heard its a very loud and festive atmosphere with Good Food and drinks.

I seems like both a are in a similar price range.

My main priorities are good food and enjoyable surroundings to spend time with friends I don't see often. Thanks in Advance for your suggestions.

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  1. In a city that doesn't have many (or at least as many as you might think) good French Bistro's, Comme Ca gets a lot of play. But it is a formula replicated, albeit very well, in a fun environment. If you want a French Bistro, have at it. However, in a city that is packed to the gills with very very good Italian, Osteria Mozza stands out. You will most likely spend more at Mozza and it may be harder to get in vs. Comme Ca, but that is the food experience you want.

    AND, Mozza has a very impressive bar--all boutique brands and talented mixologists. I had one of the best Old Fashioned's I've had in a long time there about 3 weeks ago. The wine list is also very well put together and while somewhat esoteric and sometimes downtright obscure, their wine staff is good and will take care of you.

    Just call immediately to see if you can snag a table at Mozza the weekend you'll be in town. If you can't, then the choice is easy. :) Unless Comme Ca has suddenly gotten molten hot in a way I am not aware of, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this lead time there.

    1. I had been waiting to try Comme Ca since it opened, and finally went last night. HUGE disappointment. We had an 8:30 reservation, but weren't seated till 9:15. Overall the ambiance is nice - typical French brasserie feel, but it gets extremely loud (even for 26 yr olds) and tough to hear each other across a small table. The service and food were mediocre at best. The cocktails are great, but at a place like that, you expect the food to be as well.

      I've heard wonderful things about their brunch, so I'd skip dinner there and perhaps try it for brunch....Go to Osteria Mozza instead. Or, a few other quality LA restaurants:

      The Wilshire

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      1. re: foodie55

        If you don't like Comme Ca, you will absolutely hate Osteria Mozza. It is the noisiest, most uncomfortable, over-rated restaurant in the world!! I like Lucques very much and would heartily recommend it, as I would Sona (the much fancier big brother of Comme Ca). And...if you truly want a casual and very competent French bistro, there is always Mimosa on Beverly Blvd. It's very nice and consistent, but certainly not in a league with Lucques or Sona. Forget Mozza (either the pizzeria or osteria) unless you don't care to have conversation over dinner, and don't mind being treated poorly and eating mediocre food!

        1. re: josephnl

          Sorry but this is not true. I, and several others I know, think that Comme Ca has great cocktails but mediocre food...but love love love Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza. I don't begrudge the opinion of those who don't like the Mozza's but they are in the minority, among casual diners and foodies alike, to be sure.

          It is true that Pizzeria Mozza is very loud, but fun and convivial, and the Osteria is only somewhat quieter.

          1. re: glengarry

            I would agree that the noise level in the osteria is somewhat tolerable, but absolutely stand on my comments re the pizzeria. I guess there are some that don't mind noise, and others who prefer to be able to talk over dinner. I personally don't care how good the food is (which I think isn't particularly great), if the noise level and general ambiance are so uncomfortable as is true at the pizzeria, you can count me out!

            1. re: josephnl

              No disrespect to your opinion intended and you certainly aren't the only person who doesn't like Mozza, just didn't want readers to think that if they don't like Comme Ca, that they definately or even probably won't like Mozza. Just not the prevailing opinion, though you, the OP and other knowledgeable foodies might feel just the opposite or hate both.

          2. re: josephnl

            Do NOT care for Comme Ca, ADORE Mozza. Frankly, the flow of the room is better and so is the food. I love the people watching at Mozza and have found myself slightly uncomfortable at Comme Ca when I have been in (food wise and space wise).

        2. o'mozza. if you do not have a ressie, call NOW.

          1. I have been to both and agree that both are noisy. That being said the noise level at Comme Ca was unbearable. And I was made to wait 30 mins when I had a reservation and it was a Tuesday night! The food was good, but between being a party of 3 squished into a table for two and the restaurant being so noisy we couldn't even hear our server, it is just not a place I will return to until the buzz dies down, except maybe to try their brunch. Mozza wasn't quiet but I found the overall experience much mroe enjoyable. Everything from the Mozzarella bar is wonderful as are the rosemary and olive oil cakes for desert.


            1. In my experience, other than for the latter's cocktails and the cheese selection, Osteia Mozza has Comme Ca beat by a country kilometre. This is not to say that the food at Comme Ca isn't good--with a few notable exceptions, and some general issues with salt level, it has been--but rather that the food at Osteria Mozza has largely been superb. Both places can be intolerably loud though, and neither is particularly comfortable (Osteria has the edge here as well). Lunch is a lot more pleasant at Comme Ca than dinner, if that is an option.

              Like Jenh, Comme Ca once tried to squeeze my party of 3 into a two-top in a corner near two archways; however, when they declined to move us to a larger table, even though there were many still open ("But they are reserved," came the response), we left--and wound up at Osteria Mozza where timing favored us with three seats at the Mozzarella Bar. That has not stopped me from going back to Comme Ca, but I do view it as poor restaurant management since the two-tops are not comfortable for three and we had not walked in off the street but had a reservation as well.