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Mar 13, 2008 01:20 PM

Northwest Tofu--SEA

Has anyone tried this place? I run by it all the time, its on Jackson just west of 20th. It looks like a total dive in the best kind of way, and has just a little tiny sandwich board proclaiming to serve dim sum. From the outside it looks like a tofu factory, but sure enough when I peeked in the windows there are tables and chairs. Totally divey in the way that it makes me really want to try it. Just thought I'd check if anyone else had heard anything. Googled it and found very little, but what little there was was very favorable...

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  1. i've heard it does northern-style dimsum but havne't tried it yet...

    1. Went at lunchtime on a weekday, and tried a pretty wide variety of dim sum. Wasn't a fan of much besides the roast beef sandwiches.

      As you may have read, they use menus instead of carts. Cash only.

      1. i tried the salty soybean milk which had just the right texture imo (with creamy and slightly custardy curds of tofu just forming in the bowl as they bring it to you). I wish there were some way to stop the reaction in the bowl from continuing, to prevent the water from separating out further (i think it is triggered by the addition of vinegar). Fried cruller was decent but nothing special.