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Mar 13, 2008 01:18 PM

Limones in Asheville

Hi Ya'll

I have been to Limones a few times and really have not been overly impressed (besides some really yummy cocktails). I know this is an Asheville fave and I am going with friends this weekend. What does everyone love food wise so I can be on the look out for something to wow me!

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  1. The coffee rubbed steak is always good when they have it on the menu.

    1. I had some type of fish tacos there this fall that were amazing.

      1. I get to travel a lot, but I went to Asheville the week before Thanksgiving. i went to Limones and I thought it was pretty amazing. I had a couple cocktails, tacos.

        I really liked it, good atmosphere, good food.

        1. Try the vegetarian dishes, that's what I've had and they've been fantastic!
          And the bread pudding is stellar!

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            The ceviche was outstanding and the ceasar salad was very good.

          2. Hey Hounds - well, after being a fan of Limones for a while I do have to say that I had a very average experience tonight. Seemed to be a tad understaffed and the food was not as plentiful/flavorful as I recall from previous visits...maybe just an off night but I had guests from out of town and after raving about the great meal we were sure to have I was a tad let down...and they were out of bread pudding :( Call me crazy but on a slow Monday night running out of something is kinda odd. Also for the $$ I want really good (not snobby but attentive) service. Just my 2 cents...

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              Good & bad news from a Limones semi-regular:

              The quality of the food has dipped ever so slightly with the rapid increase in popularity, but they still have almost exactly the same kitchen crew and waitstaff they started with (which is pretty miraculous in the food business) and seem to be making every effort to deal with the increase in traffic and tighten up loose ends.

              Verdict: STILL one of Asheville's best.

              P.S. Monday is the single worst night to visit a restaurant because the markets (esp. the fish vendors) are closed on Sundays. (Some are also closed on Mondays.)

              1. re: Jeff C.

                We went to Limones a few months ago and it was just not as good as we remembered it to be. I did note at the time that some of their familiar waitstaff had moved on to other endeavors, portion sizes seemed smaller than warranted and overall prices higher.
                I also think that running out of bread pudding on a Monday nite is pretty lame.

                1. re: leahinsc

                  You're right about the bread pudding, Lea. No excuse for running out of a dish made from such basic ingredients.