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Mar 13, 2008 01:15 PM

Favorite Coffeeshop in Federal Hill?

I'm looking for a "neighborhoody" coffeeshop that has a nice little lounge area, great coffees, teas, and pastries... wifi would be nice but not a necessity.

I'd like to find a place where I can grab some coffee and read a book on a saturday and sunday morning, and maybe do some people watching.


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  1. Metropolitan ! It is exactly what you describe.

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    1. re: bbhoover

      but doesnt metropolitan only have tables, hightops, and the bar? are there couches in there?

    2. Spoons has wifi, food and couches. the food is meh. I' don't do pastries, but the bagels are ok.

      It does get crowded on weekends though.

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        1. re: MarcDC

          It's not a recommendation, it's just there. I'm not really happy with the offerings around here. I ate breakfast there for the first time on Tuesday, since I was working from home. I had an ok omelette with ok potatoes and toast that was burnt on one side and raw on the other, served with cold butter. Also a cup of ok coffee. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't anything I'd make a point of either. It's too bad, because it's a nice space. If that sounds like a useless review, well it was a useless meal.

          Author Laura Lippman was in there signing books, so I ate and read a mystery novel (by James Lee Burke, but I didn't show it to her) and watched the retiree fan boys gush.

      1. Are there any in Locust Point? I'm interested in this thread I just moved to the FH area...

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          Not quite Locust Point or FedHill (in between!), but I like to use the internet & enjoy coffee at the Koba Cafe on Fort Ave, and Coco Moka Cafe in the Foundry, also a little further down on Fort Ave.

          Koba has an upstairs which I believe may have couches (I've only sat downstairs) Koba has a really good caprese panini!
          Coco Moka doesn't have couches, only tables. Coco has really good ice cream smoothies!

          Koba Cafe
          644 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

          Coco Moka Cafe
          921 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD

            1. re: MarcDC

              Harvest Table is in Locust Point and is pretty much the best kept 'secret' in Baltimore. Their hours can be limiting but they have breakfast and lunch, live music on weekends and a killer menu - their breakfast burrito is pretty good and the brunch croissant w/ eggs and I think ham in it is awesome. But truly, the best part is that you can get your coffee to go (or your food) and take it down to the hammocks along the water , in front of the Tide Point offices. I live in Canton and I love the view from the other side, plus it's quiet and heck! a hammock in the city? can't be beat.
              Metropolitan is second, but far is decent, service swings from ok to terrible - but they do have weekly wine and beer tastings - however, no hammocks :)

              1. re: aussiewonder

                How has Harvest Table been since the ownership change?

                1. re: KAZ

                  I went there about a month ago and i thought the food wasnt very good at all. i had some country scramble dish and it wasnt very good. my gf had some breakfast sandwich and she too wasnt very fond of it.

                  im not a coffee drinker so i can't comment on it... that being said the pancakes did look pretty good.

        2. I heard a rumor, which could be just that, that a Starbucks may be going in where Coco Moka cafe is in the foundry- has anyone else heard that?
          I really like Koba Cafe. Harvest Table's food is horrible.

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          1. re: kinsey035

            i've not eaten there since they changed ownership and by the sounds of it, not sure i want to either! that bad, huh? a shame bc i really loved thier food.