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Apr 7, 2002 10:31 PM


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We ate dinner last night in Vert, the brand new Wolfgang Puckery at Hollywood & Highland. It's a brasserie/bistro-style joint aimed mid way and mid price between Spago/Chinois and the WP pizza cafes (which I don't much care for).

Short form: I liked it.

Long form: The decor is Barbara Lazaroff-trendy, but like all trendy, pretty much passe before it starts. Noisy of course. You're in a new and brassy mall, after all. Great bar, however. Definitely a possibility for those who like to watch the basketball playoffs over a better-that-average dinner and good booze selection (like me).

Menu: Bistro greatest hits--croque monsieur, steak frites, like that. Also some Italian (pasta, pizzas) and Provencal(pissaladiere). Nothing you haven't heard of.

Breads served are excellent including a tasty foccacia and delicious goat cheese in olive oil to spread. Our starter salad--butter lettuce with blood oranges in a gorogonzola dressing-- was okay, not great. Didn't try our friend's Caesar. For the main course: I had the steak frites and enjoyed it--a good New York cooked perfectly with bernaise sauce on the side. Thin cut fries were excellent though a smidgen cold (the place was jammed--Sat night--and the waitstaff obviously not all broken in). Friend had the veal steak with boiled cabbage which was also good. Sheryl had the sole which she did not like that much. We all shared a ricotta cheese cake which was fine. With a bottle of Honig cabernet, bottled water which we shouldn't have ordered (my bad) and another glass of good chard, it all came to about fifty dollars a head, not cheap, but not that bad for the big city. I'd go back and try other things. (By the way, I'm with those who think Chinois, once great, is in serious decine. But you have to admit Puck doesn't sit still.)

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  1. So, it's called VERT because?? Is this a reincarnation of the failed Westside brasserie he did a few years ago? Your anticipated post on a followup visit should be helpful to mark the progress of the place.

    1. While the Food is good actually, the Mussels where fantastic. Service was horrible, examples

      putting the cork back in the bottle after it was open.
      15 minutes to get a kir royale
      half an hour to get our first course, that was after the 15 minute wait for the kir royale.
      they brought the first course along with the second course. in all, it took almost 3 hours for a 3 course meal.

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        Sorry to hear about that. Our service was slightly discombulated, but nowhere near as bad as that. We do agree on one thing. The food is good.

        As for MC Michael's question, I have no idea why it's called Vert, other than a preponderance of the color green in the decor.