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Mar 13, 2008 01:00 PM

New restaurant at site of Laila

I was taking a walk this afternoon and saw construction at the site of the now closed Laila Restaurant (15th St. & 7th Ave, Park Slope). There's a sign up thatsays "Japanese cuisine coming soon".

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  1. yep, thats got tons of promise.

    1. What? No, Laila?! I loved that place. Good bang for your buck. Anyone know what happened?

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      1. re: brooklynbrownie

        With all due respect, IMO the place should have been condemned a long time ago. I only hope that Olive Vine suffers a similar fate....

      2. That's what we really need, another Japanese restaurant in this neighborhood.

        Rumor is that the cost of rent got too high, but rumor also that the former owner (Elias) of the restaurant owns the building..