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Mar 13, 2008 12:39 PM

Chop - anyone been?

More importantly, how does it compare to Sage, or other places around town?

We're looking for a reso in town for Friday where small kids (2 and 1) are allowed. Im finding it surprising, but there's this growing trend to not allowing kids under a certain age in a restaurant, for a variety of reasons (disruption, safety, bar license, etc,..). I figured Chop might be casual enough that we could get kids in there, but i wanted to check to see if anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with the food there.

I know they are part of the Moxies group, but the prices seem reasonable. Anyone?

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  1. I had to google this to find it's Edmonton- you might mention this.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      We went there about a year ago at the recommendation of a friend of ours.

      The atmosphere is a half a step up from an Earls. The menu was typical steak house, and while I cannot remember all of the experience the things that stuck out were the outfits on the hostesses (think Joeys & Earls). Now we did not realize that it was owned by Moxies, until we saw that it was in the Sandman hotel (sorry but that throws me off for a 'high end steak house')

      The food itself I do not remember anything great, but I do remember not being satisfied for the price (no where near the cost of Sage, but not price/quality either). We did choose to leave for dessert, which says a lot for me. I often judge a resto by their dessert list, I am not that picky, huge sweet tooth, so if I cannot be satisfied with the list then it can't be that great. I remember thinking, I want to get out of here.

      Now keep in mind, we were 4 adults out for a celebration night in our nice clothes. Needless to say we should have gone elsewhere, but that was b4 I knew about Chowhounds!

      Bottom line...Sage, absolutely Sage!

      What do you think about going to Von's I have had a good steak there?

      1. re: John Manzo

        Sorry John, was in a rush.

        Anyway, Cleo - Von's is ok - but not exactly a toddler friendly atmosphere. I was hoping Chop might be - sounds like upscale Earl's might be the right atmosphere, but the food doesnt sound great.

        Guess i'll have to try booking a private room somewhere - for 5 adults, that might be tough.

        Thanks for the info.

        1. re: yen


          Chop is not a "kids spot".

          IMHO you would be more comfortable in Earl's.

          I usually eat in the lounge rather than the restaurant. Probably have been there 20 or more times but I am usually going there to eat something basic and have some wine during the afternoon rather than evening dinner.

          Their "take" on beef dip, no doubt using the prime rib which was not consumed the night before is quite good. So is their basic chop salad and excellent blue cheese dressing.

          Their wings were better when they were grilled rather than deep fried but I guess the the masses won out.

          The people are friendly. I guess we have become "irregular regulars"... [grin]...

          As Cleo said, it is not Sage. I still have not been for dinner but I did drive out to the casino a few week-ends back and checked out the restaurant from a distance [still closed in the afternoon] and read the menu.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            yen....what kind of resto are you looking for? I don't have kids so it is tough for me to help on that front. However I am trying to think of some of the more casual but good food places....
            bistro praha (seems pretty family oriented)
            any greek restaurant??
            tasty tomato or picco lino
            urban diner (although the dinner is still hit & miss)
            high level diner
            delux burger bar

            I can imagine it is tough with a 1 & 2 yr old to go out for a fancy dinner, I can't really think of anywhere high end that is appropriate. Good luck!

            1. re: cleopatra999

              Dadeo's has a bar license, and doesnt allow anyone under 18. None of the diners have good or consistent enough food. Im not a fan of tasty tomato nor picco lino. I guess i should've mentioned this was for a birthday dinner, and we were looking for better than average food.

              But Bistro Praha - that's an excellent suggestion! :) I don't remember them ever taking reso's, but they must...

              1. re: yen

                they do take reservations :) enjoy your bday.

            2. re: Bob Mac

              We went about a year ago, and took our then 3-year old child. It was a birthday dinner for a family member. The food was decent, a step above Moxies/Earls; but not food that would wowsa anyone on execution and taste sensation. Definitely no comparison to places like Blue Pear or Hardware G. (I can't compare Sage, because my SO refuses to go to a casino.) However, we had no problems with our child there, and the staff were very nice. As I recall, the restaurant wasn't a quiet one; but it will depend on the patience of the 1 and 2 year old children.

              1. re: Libertycafe

                Thanks for your thinking some thread of better quality, child-friendly restaurants might actually help :) As my friends "produce" more children, it's getting to be more of a challenge!

              2. re: Bob Mac

                Thanks Bob, i'll have to give it a try sometime, as my friend bartends there. But it doesnt sound like tonight is the night.

            3. re: John Manzo

              It is a challenge to find a good restaurant in downtown Edmonton that is not child-adverse. Kyoto is good because if you can get a tatami room no one knows if you kids are getting a little fussy. Also because the menu is mainly a la carte you can order the kids the appetizer portion of yakitori chicken and some rice and the price is very reasonable.

              The same can not be said about Earl's. We were at the Tin Palace location a few weeks ago and my son's chicken fingers and fries were around $12.

              1. re: pengcast

                Nod, you're bang on. We usually go for Japanese, but one friend was due to deliver earlier this week, and is craving sushi right now. Her first meal after she delivers she says! I thought it would be unnecessarily cruel to eat sushi in front of her, especially since she's past her due date. But Tatami rooms are the best compromise we've found.