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Apr 7, 2002 03:53 PM

Any great authentic Thai comparable to Sripraphai in the UCLA area?

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I have developed an addiction to Sripraphai in woodside Queens NY. As any chowhounds who peruse the NYC boards know, and/or any current ot former NYers who love Thai food are aware Sriprapahi is so different/superior/much hotter than American thai food even exceptionally good American Thai food that it is really a seperate animal. My wife and I are moving to LA in the fall, and I have heard that LA Thai puts NYC Thai to shame. So where are the authentic Thai resturants in LA and specifically are there any close to the UCLA campus?
Thank you much.

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  1. My Westwood favorite of the moment is Thai Fresh in a strip mall at the 1700 block of Westwood Blvd (next door to Sunnin). They have consistently good food with a nice splash of Singapore cuisine thrown in. Used to like T.H.A.I. just south of Wilshire but it changed names/owners and haven't been to try it since.

    1. While L.A. does have better Thai restaurants than New York (I lived in Manhattan for three years), good restaurants aren't exactly on every corner. Your best bet would be to drive east to Thai Town in Hollywood (east of the 101 freeway along Hollywood and Sunset Blvds.) or south on the 5 freeway to Norwalk and Buena Park.

      Renu Nakorn (Norwalk) and Thai Nakorn (Buena Park) both specialize in hot, spicy Issan-style food (Northeastern Thailand) instead of the more common, sweeter Bangkok-style dishes. Search this board for other's opinions about the options in Thai Town. Welcome to L.A.!

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        Those are my favs too!

      2. Check this link. Also, try Kruang Tedd at 5151 Hollywood Blvd., Thai Town.


        1. I don't have any favorite Thai places on the Westside, which is unfortunate, because that's where I live. However, there's a pair of excellent sister restaurants next to each other in Pasadena, Saladang and Saladang Song. Saladang is sort of more European and eclectic, but extremely good quality and not Americanized at all. Saladang Song strikes me as more traditional, and is equally good.

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            Since the topic of Saladang and friggin' Pasadena has been raised, I've got a question. What's the story on that ice cream (?) they serve at Saladang? It doesn't seem to do a quick meltdown like ordinary ice cream. Not bad either.

          2. j
            Jon Leventhal

            Not to harsh on anyone, but is everyone retarded??? The guy asks about Thai restaurants around UCLA and the posts are about Thai Town, Norwalk, and frigin Pasadena!!!!

            C'mon...we can do better than this.

            Tuk Tuk on Pico just east of Beverly Drive, Talesai Cafe on Olympic east of Beverly Drive, Thai House on Pico between La Cienega are all fairly good Thai places within 5 miles of UCLA.



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              C'mon...we can do better than this.>>
              Note that our poster is not arriving until Fall. Perhaps he'll post again as his arrival becomes more imminent and we'll have more up to date info.

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                I read the question. The reader wanted recommendations in the Westwood area, but all of the places I know of in the Westwood area serve the "Americanized" version of Thai food that the poster isn't interested in. I'd rather pass along some recommendations than say that there's nothing in the area. For me, the food is more important than the location. Just because someone asks something like "Is there a good pupuseria in Hermosa Beach only a block away from my house at Sepulveda and Artesia?" doesn't necessarily mean that that place exists.

                Maybe you should check out a recent post on the San Francisco board where a poster mentioned spending nearly $20 cab fare to get a $1.50 Vietnamese sandwich. A true chowhound doesn't mind traveling the extra distance for a superlative eating experience. I regularly drive 40 minutes from home for tacos at El Taurino, even though there are quite a few good taco joints in my neighborhood. But for me, good isn't good enough . . .

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                  By the way Jon, READ this question from the original post slowly and carefully:

                  >>SO WHERE ARE THE AUTHENTIC THAI RESTAURANTS IN LA and specifically are there any close to the UCLA campus?

                  Most of us focused on the first part of the question. My answer to the second part is no.

                  1. re: Chris G>

                    Exactly. I think Tuk Tuk's nothing special, by the way. And although I said I like Talesai, which is true, I should point out that it's pretty gringo.

                  2. re: Jon Leventhal

                    Downhill alert for Tuk Tuk....Although decent when it first opened, good fresh ingredients and lots of flavor...I went back about a month ago and the food was bland and greasy. Still very crowded so maybe they have dulled down for westside tastes...Whatever... it was so boring I will not be trying it again.

                    1. re: Jon Leventhal

                      Yeah, I read it. I forgot about Talesai, and other than that, I haven't ever had any good Thai on the Westside (except for DJ in the Palisades, but I haven't been there for years because of bad service). Talesai isn't half bad. Inferior to Saladang, though.