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Mar 13, 2008 12:07 PM

PoBoys on a Sunday, preferably near S. Carrollton

With the price of gas....

I need to find a poboy place closer to my house. I enjoy Parkway Bakery a lot, but surely there must be a place that is closer to my house (near Carrollton and Claiborne) that is open on Sunday.

Don't say College Inn- they are closed 1/2 the time. I hate their new hours and lack of an easy takeout facility.

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  1. Cooter Browns. I saw a sign the other day at Earhart and Carrollton pointing towards downtown that said Jazzy Po-boys...but that is all I know.

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    1. re: malenky

      Cooter Browns has aweome sandwhiches also try la crosaint cafe that daquiri shop across from cooter browns they have great roast beef po boys

      1. re: malenky

        Jazzy was good, but it shut down, I heard. I heard the daiquiri shop, which Jazzy shared a building with, is now selling poboys, but it's not the guy from Jazzy doing them.

      2. There's also Franky & Johnny's on Arabella, that's still somewhat close.

        1. Some people I know go to Adam's Street Grocery (Adams and Plum). I've never been, but it fulfills your main criteria of saving gas. If you go, I wanna hear how it compares to Parkway!

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          1. re: hamsandwich

            I live around the corner, and they are closed on Sundays. Same with Favori on Maple, my other suggestion in this 'hood.

            1. re: JGrey

              How about Jake's at Spruce & Dante? Does it have poboys, or just plate lunches?

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                I just got a flyer from them and it list po-boys

          2. Thanks- these are all good suggestions. I will investigate over the weekend and report back.

            1. Is the Streetcar Sandwich Shop still there on Carrollton Ave.?

              Writing from Los Angeles,

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              1. re: TerriDawn

                Nope. That's been several restaurants since then, currently sitting empty. Don't know why it's a location of death, that corner has lots of very busy restaurants.

                1. re: JGrey

                  the last inacrnation was Fins and feathers, a fried chicken and seafood place which was actually pretty good, but didn't last