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Mar 13, 2008 12:04 PM

Lunch near Convention Ctr. or MOMA?

Coming into town from San Francisco and need some really great reccomendations. I just want some great food, fun atmosphere, with a wine list perhaps. Are most places BYOB? Also, I have to have a great philly cheesesteak. I'll be at the Mariott on Market St. and going to see an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art and don't mind walking around.

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  1. Lunch near the convention center should be a roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe (the *other* sandwich in town) at DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market

    There are lots of BYO's in town close by to the Mariott (such as Matyson and Lolita).

    When you say the Museum of Modern Art, is that the Philadelphia Art Museum or the Institute for Contemporary Art at Penn? Either way, the food's not the best near the latter (Pod's not bad though) and the options are limited near the other as well, but lots to eat a few blocks to the south near Rittenhouse.

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      The MOMA is in NYC, think you've got your cities confused......


      Interesting! The cheesesteak debate in this town can get down right hostile! Many recs, MANY opinions. I wish I was headed to SF!

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        As you already now know MOMA is in NY. The Philadelphia Art Museum is not a modern art museum (though it houses modern art).
        I don't know your expenses but do try to include the wonderful Greek seafood restaurant Estia which is across the street from the famous Academy of Music at Broad & Locust St.
        As for BYOB's, they abound in Philly. Already mentioned was Matyson which is pretty near your hotel. Also for Italian consider Caffe Castadiva at 20th & Spruce area.
        Branzino is another popular dining spot.
        As for dining right near the Art Museum (which also has a fine dining room for lunch) is Rae in the Cira Center right near the museum which is a NY looking, trendy, glass enwrapped place for both lunch and dinner.
        If you want to blow the entire wad, don't miss the very famous upscale Le Bec Fin. It doesn't get more posh than this venue and the food is internationally known.
        For steak craving Barclay Prime tops the list IMO.
        I'll let other fight out the big cheesesteak war.
        Bon appetit!

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          In rocio's defense, the new building, recently renovated by the Art Museum (across the street at Fairmount) houses the modern art collection.

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            Well the museum might either be the Philadelphia Academy of FIne Arts which is close to City Hall, and has a wonderful exhibit 'Cecilia Beaux, American Figure Painter" or the Frida Kalo exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

            The Reading Terminal Market is a wonderful place to have lunch. There are also nice options in Chinatown including Rangoon, a Burmese restaurant which is not common in many places.

            Other options in the Art Museum area include Londons, Brigids, Bishop Collar, Rembrandts, and Jack's Firehouse. All decent lunch places.

            A casual option with a nice beer selection at 30th Street Station is Bridgewater's Pub.

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              Thanks for all the advice. I got sick during my stay so we ended up dining near the hotel. We went to a great wine bar and restaurant called Vintage, Reading Terminal Market, El Vez, but my favorite was dining at the Bar Lyonnaise at le Bec Fin.

              Also, I thought the Philadelphia Art Museum was part of the museum of modert art because there is a MOMA in SF which will be showing the Khalo exhibit soon. So YES, I was a little confused.