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Mar 13, 2008 12:02 PM

Best eats in Boone/Blowing Rock

Anyone? Maybe a great lunch spot?

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  1. Dinner - Crippins - somewhat pricey but very worth it.
    Storie Street Grill in Blowing Rock is excellent.
    Cafe Portifino is good for lunch or dinner - Rivers Street in Boone.

    Lunch - Black Cat Burrito in Boone on Depot Street (maybe - my memory is failing me)
    Woodlands BBQ in Blowing Rock, on US 321 on the way to Lenoir

    1. If you want something nicer, try the Best Cellar in Blowing Rock. Storie Street Grille is good too.
      Black Cat Burrito in Boone IS a fun burrito place, with little games on the tables and such. And although it's a chain, Mellow Mushroom in BR is good. I also like KNights on Main in BR just becuase of the kind of old fashioned diner atmosphere and huge portions! And stop by Kilwins for ice cream.

      1. My picks
        Storie Street Grill
        Mellow Mushroom-
        Six Pence Pub
        Kilwins for ice cream is a must

        There is also a cute gas station that has a deli counter and has great sandwiches made to order. Very, very reasonable. I know it sounds odd to get a sandwich from a gas station. They will make you just about anything. We took our stuff on a picnic but they also have a patio you can eat at.

        1. What about a lunch dinner spot that's not so loud, that is a bit more intimate?

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            for more intimate, Best Cellar is definitely what you are looking for. Entrees range about $16-32. It's a quaint, almost rustic setting in the woods, but very elegant. NIce bar too.