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Mar 13, 2008 11:54 AM

Eating solo near Park Plaza Hotel

Hi, will have a few nights to myself while in town for a conference and looking for suggestions - pretty open to all foods, but nothing too too pricey....take out is an option too, thanks

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  1. You might want to be a bit more specific about what you're looking for, but on the not-too-pricey end of things is the Delux in the South End. Not too far from the park plaza.
    100 Chandler St (@ Clarendon Street). Cheap, pretty good food, and cheap drinks. Cash only.

    1. Across the street is Davios. You can sit at the bar and the bar menu is reasonable. You can also sit at the table in front of kitchen-solo-has some good action. Also, Pigalle has a great inexpensive bar menu but only has 5 seats. Hint go real early or after 8 when people leave for the shows.

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        Davio's was the first thing that came to my mind too. If you can go before 7PM, you could get the happy hour at Excelsior on Boylston St. Laurel on Berkeley has a bar and is reasonable all around. McCormick & Schmick has a bar too.

        1. re: Joanie

          What is the happy hour at Excelsior like?

          1. re: foodscience

            They have good appetizers for $7. Amazing fried calamari w/ some onion rings and maybe another fried item. I think we had fancy egg rolls of some sort once. Can't remember what else.

      2. Most places very close by are quite pricey, high-end steakhouses and such. Some budget options:

        Parish Cafe -- casual bar/restaurant with excellent sandwiches.

        Jacob Wirth -- cool old tavern, great beer selection, decent American pub food. Skip the German food.

        Mon Tien -- very good Thai place. Thai specialties menu is less Westernized that the regular one.

        Xinh Xinh -- excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown, easy walk.

        Vlora -- Albanian/Greek/Italian, cool-looking basement space, reasonable prices for fine dining.

        Silvertone -- hopping basement bar with good drinks and terrific, casual American food. Great values on the wine list, too.

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          Going along with MC Slim here, Chinatown is about a 10 minute walk from Park Plaza, and people often dine solo in C-town. Search for threads on this board for recommendations in that area.

          And as for "Skip the German food" at Jacob Wirth's, I have to go on record again and say they do a darn good Schnitzel, especially the Jaeger Schnitzel!

        2. Also right across the street is Via Matta, and you could definitely sit alone at their Enoteca (or their full dining room, for that matter). A nice, easy option, especially if it's too cold to go too far!