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Mar 13, 2008 11:47 AM

Dosa Man Still MIA

ok this is getting to be a bit maddening - the dosa man (thiru) from washington square park has been completely gone since january. i have never seen him ONCE in the park, and i am actually getting worried about him. i posted on chowhound after he was gone for 2 weeks, and now its been three months! i've emailed gothamist and eater and no one has responded as to his whereabouts.

i really want to know what has happened to my beloved dosa cart. i am also pretty shocked no one else has raised an eyebrow about this - thiru was such a well loved guy.

any tips would be appreciated.

viva los dosa cart.

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  1. Try the street vendor project:
    I'm sure they'd be able to help you track him down.

    1. Did anyone every call and/or find out where he is? Now that the weather's nice, I am DYING to have lunch in the park, and there's nothing better than a dosa!

      1. Just spoke w/him - he'll be back second week in May

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        1. re: livetotravel

          Are his dosas all that or at least comparable to the places in Curry Hill?

          1. re: Miss Needle

            No. They're not as good as what you'd find at Chennai Garden or Saravanaas. The grill on Thiru's cart can't get hot enough (and the line isn't patient enough to allow him) to make those wonderfully light, very thin, very crispy dosas you'd find at a good, sit-down restaurant. He also skips a few key ingredients in his masala filling -- i.e. curry leaves.

            The draw of the cart is that it's novel -- dosas from a street cart!! -- Thiru's fun personality, and its placement. I haven't found another dosa-serving restaurant (or cart) in the vicinity. And it's a great place to pick up a quick vada if you happen to go to school or live near Washington Square Park.

            1. re: cimui

              Thanks! I was always wondering if it was because it was so good or if it was just the novelty of it. I guess it must be nice to enjoy a dosa sitting in Washington Square park.