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Mar 13, 2008 11:21 AM

Houston help

Have a friend staying at the Hyatt downtown on Louisianna Street, are there any walkable places to eat besides Massa which she has already tried and likes. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sushi or Tex Mex would be preferrable!

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        Here is a link to a google map that has restaurants nearby marked:

        The Hyatt is at 1200 Louisiana, and is behind E on the list.

      2. Try Azuma (sushi) on Main its attached to the building that houses the Rice Lofts.
        Zeros is a small sandwich shop but its great!

        I feel like downtown Houston is small but you may want to cab it to where Cabo is - good Tex-Mex or take the hotel shuttle to the original Ninfa's off Navigation Rd. (they invented fatijas)

        A great beer menu - try Flying Saucer 100+ beers great atmosphere.

        1. Oops I forgot Treebeard's cajun food that you cannot beat.

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            How about Kim Son -- 2001 Jefferson. A bit of a walk, but closer than Ninfa's (which is worth the cab ride, btw).

          2. Sake' Lounge in Bayou City Place is in walking distance. I think they are better for sushi than Azuma, and I believe it's closer. It's a straight walk down Louisiana.
            There are lots of places springing up on Main as well.

            Don't forget that the Hyatt's concierge can also give recommendations and can find out which places are open when you want to go.