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Mar 13, 2008 11:14 AM

Hibiscus DFW

Need an update. Anyone been lately? Thanks.

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  1. My last visit to Hibiscus was before Nick had departed. I wouldn't assume his departure would amount to any shortcoming of the food at Hibiscus. Here's a super quick rundown of what we had:

    Baked Dungeness Crab Dip: Super, super rich. Very good. Would only recommend if there were four or more at the table. Two people b/w the dip would be too rich for anyone to handle.

    Sweet & Spicy Jumbo Rock Shrimp: Stellar appetizer dish. Not a huge shrimp fan, but this one had me smiling.

    Spicy Crab Crusted Sea Bass: A solid sea bass dish. A little crab overload after the dungeness dip though.

    18 oz. Bone-In sirloin: It was prime. It was good. Cooked perfectly.

    Our sides were spinach and the mac & cheese. Both of them were good. The mac & cheese actually tasted better the next day.

    Chocolate cake: Completely ludicrous. If you like chocolate cake and you want a lot of it then this is your dessert.

    Sorry I can't elaborate any more on the dishes. I seem to be drawing a huge blank today.

    I remember our server was spot on solid and timed things perfectly for us. I believe his name was Andrew. The guy also knows a thing or two about wine and paired a couple of really good glasses for us.

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      Nick hadn't been truly behind the stove for quite sometime so I doubt there's any drop off since your last visit. Garreth Dickey has been manning the ship for a while and Nick was Corp Chef. Agreed on both the crab dip and the sea bass (but there's really no such thing as crab overload is there???) :)