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Apr 6, 2002 09:52 PM

Decorated Cookies-Cookies by Design

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Several weeks ago I posted a message inquiring whether anyone knew of a place where I could find decorated cookies, similar to the ones from Eleni's in NY. Someone suggested Cookies by Design, which is a franchise with locations throughout SoCal. I definitely decided to go with them. The large cookies are $7 each and the smaller ones are $3.50. They will wrap the cookies individually (included in the price) and they are actually going to find a cookie cutter in the shape of a lemon, which is what I was looking for to match the centerpieces for the bridal shower I am hosting. The only do sugar cookies. The woman at the counter was extremely helpful, willing to work within my budget, and excited to make a new shape (they have to track down a lemon cookie cutter). Thanks for everyone's suggestions!


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  1. I've used Cookies by Design for gift cookie bouquets for a couple of years now. Different areas, all employees have been helpful and the cookies were of good quality, delivered on time, and fresh (24 hours notice required). It's a nice change from flowers for birthdays, get well messages, etc.

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      I recently used them for Valentines Day and for a new baby gift. I love them and will never send flowers again (unless I know the receipent is not a cookie-eater). The customer service is excellent and the bouquets are beautiful.

      1. re: Filmfreaketta

        You haven't been ordering flowers from the right place! Won't you still send flowers to people who are dieting?

        1. re: johanna

          I have nothing against flowers and like I said, I will send cookies, "unless I know the receipent is not a cookie-eater"

          1. re: johanna

            Don't worry, flowers are still the only option in many cases. For romance or an apology, cookies just don't cut it. Only flowers will do. But sometimes you just need a "bouquet" that satisfies a sweet tooth.