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Is there a diner in the FQ where the waitstaff is intenionally rude?

Not Petunia's

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  1. Do you have something in mind, or are you just looking to be abused?

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      I am taking my 15 year old triplets to see a few sites and thought they might like that. We went to Petunia's last year on a diff trip and the staff joked with them.

    2. There used to be a place called Lucky Changs where everyone was in drag with major attitude, but they closed a long time ago

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        I always thought it was a requirement in most of the NOLA restaurants, well the scaled back ones, that you had to be rude to work there :) We own a time share there, but have not been in years. Clover Grill sounds too cool. I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks now and I am jonesing to take a short trip to NOLA. Last time we went was 4-5 years ago for the express purpose of eating at Emeril's Restaurant. LOL no rude waitstaff there!

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          That looks like the place. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            They're not rude at the Clover Grill but they're busy and tend to ignore you. They're very funny though, colorful characters.

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              Please. sometimes they ARE rude!

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                Toss some attitude back at them and they'll leave you alone. They're just kind of prissy and punchy.

        2. Going back several decades, I used to feel the same way. There were a dozen spots, that I always felt exeplified the anthisis of "service."

          However, in the last several year, both pre and post-K, I have found the tone to have changed. I've even done some of the places, that I eschewed, when I live in NOLA, because of the attitude. Over these years, things seem to have changed greatly. With 3 trips post-K, the service has been great! The only complaints that I have had, have been focused on the servers at the various MSY locations. What an attitude! I have not seen rudeness like that, even in NYC, or ultra-high-end spots in London, Paris or San Francisco. In NOLA, the servers have definitely undergone sensitivity training.


          1. I saw on a travel show that the folks at Central Grocery (famous for muffalettas on Decatur) will give you attitude if you're not ready to order (aka holding up the famously long line), but I'm thinking that's just part of the whole "experience"?