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Mar 13, 2008 10:53 AM

Is there a diner in the FQ where the waitstaff is intenionally rude?

Not Petunia's

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  1. Do you have something in mind, or are you just looking to be abused?

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      I am taking my 15 year old triplets to see a few sites and thought they might like that. We went to Petunia's last year on a diff trip and the staff joked with them.

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      1. There used to be a place called Lucky Changs where everyone was in drag with major attitude, but they closed a long time ago

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          I always thought it was a requirement in most of the NOLA restaurants, well the scaled back ones, that you had to be rude to work there :) We own a time share there, but have not been in years. Clover Grill sounds too cool. I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks now and I am jonesing to take a short trip to NOLA. Last time we went was 4-5 years ago for the express purpose of eating at Emeril's Restaurant. LOL no rude waitstaff there!

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            That looks like the place. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              They're not rude at the Clover Grill but they're busy and tend to ignore you. They're very funny though, colorful characters.

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                Please. sometimes they ARE rude!

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                  Toss some attitude back at them and they'll leave you alone. They're just kind of prissy and punchy.

          2. Going back several decades, I used to feel the same way. There were a dozen spots, that I always felt exeplified the anthisis of "service."

            However, in the last several year, both pre and post-K, I have found the tone to have changed. I've even done some of the places, that I eschewed, when I live in NOLA, because of the attitude. Over these years, things seem to have changed greatly. With 3 trips post-K, the service has been great! The only complaints that I have had, have been focused on the servers at the various MSY locations. What an attitude! I have not seen rudeness like that, even in NYC, or ultra-high-end spots in London, Paris or San Francisco. In NOLA, the servers have definitely undergone sensitivity training.