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Mar 13, 2008 10:41 AM

Reasonably priced Baltimore Res. for nice date on a Saturday night?

I am going on a first date on saturday night and would like to take my date to a nice reasonably priced restuarant in baltimore city... please help!! I know a few but want this is be special. thanks!!!

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  1. I took my girlfriend at the time to Sotto Sopra in Mt Vernon. She's now my wife, so it must have went pretty well :-).

    1. drinks in the inner harbor and dinner in little italy?? i recently asked for advice for good italian places in little italy and there was a very nice thread on it which you could look up.

      1. The Helmand
        b (yes, just "b" the Bolton Hill Bistro)

        ... are the first two to come to mind. Search this board for reviews & the web for their prices. You'll need reservations at both.

        1. How about Henningers??? Great atmosphere and intimate dining room.

          1. Helmand, Brewer's Art, Peter's, or Chameleon Cafe would all be good suggestions. A definition of what you mean by reasonably priced would help. None of the places I mentioned are cheap, but I would consider them reasonable.

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              Entrees no more then 25-30 would be great... if less and still great service and food that would be great. I am thinking Helmand... but I am still up for suggestions... We are meeting some people in Canton after dinner for dancing... maybe something out that way?

              1. re: mchica

                Hennigers would be perfect then..or what about Helen's Garden?

                1. re: mchica

                  Helmand is wonderful (one of my favorite restaurants) but I'm not sure if it's a good first date choice. It's rather loud, the tables are placed really closely together and the food comes out really quickly.

                  1. re: mchica

                    Henninger's gets my vote. It's a perfect first date place.

                    1. re: JonParker

                      Henninger's or Peters (also in Fells Point).