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Mar 13, 2008 10:36 AM

Any recs for eating in Westbrook, ME?

I saw an article in the paper recently talking about a number of places to eat such as Frog & Turtle, Fajita Grill, etc. Since I've never ventured to Westbrook to eat I was wondering if anyone has a reviews or experience with the various places.

Just for info, my absolutely favorite place is El Camino in Brunswick and my husband and I both like Norm's in Portland.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I've been to the Fajita Grill and wasn't very impressed. My favorite place is Burrito's. Try the Sobrito's (fried tortilla stuffed with a cream cheese mixture) for an appetizer and their Fish tacos are wonderful!

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      I had a terrific experience at Frog and Turtle. Great space, creative menu with small and large plates. My only issue was they were out of a couple menu items listed. Paper is cheap...reprint when out so it doesn't lessen the experience. also, James, if you're reading this, get rid of that crazy deuce that's like 4 feet long or get an intercom so the two seated there can chat!

    2. If your favorite place is El Camino (and I agree it is great) then I urge you to avoid Fajita Grill. At best it is very ordinary.

      Have heard good things about Frog & Turtle.

      Portland Pie Co has an outlet there if you like their pizza.

      1. Just reporting back....
        We went to Burrito's as MHKL recommended. I'm happy to report that we had a nice late afternoon meal there with 2 of our kids. We started with a plate a nachos which were pretty good. You get to choose what type salsa you'd like to go with them. I ate a fish burrito with the verde salsa for my meal. My husband had blacken shrimp for his meal and the kids had basic chicken and cheese quesadillas. The adult meals were very good and the kids meals were basic which satisfied them. We shared a tres' leches cake for dessert. That was excellent and reminded us of a vacation to Costa Rica. We would definitely go back to burritos again for the food. We'd love to see them do something more for some sort of atmosphere. The place is very plain. The bathrooms, my husband reported, are nice and clean. Our waitress was excellent.

        1. Noreaster, Thanks for the comments. Some love that table some hate it. We usually seat 3 people there. We are hoping to close for a 4 day in late june early July to change a few things. Going good for 6 month and the explosion of people coming to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

          Chef James