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Mar 13, 2008 10:21 AM

Pearson's Port

Has anyone heard anything about this place lately? I've been trying to reach them for a couple of days. The phone message says "Happy New Year" and gives hours, but then a voice says the mailbox is full. I hope they're still in business, but it's a long drive down there if they're not.

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  1. Now here's a subject I'd love to talk about. Pearson's Port is fantastic. The experience is unmatched in Orange County as I know of no other fisherman-run location to buy fresh and locally-caught gems. They're definitely still in business and I don't think they're going anywhere. They're not exactly super-tech savvy so it's not surprising the voice mail is full. Honestly, given their sarcastic and wry owners, they're probably just ignoring it. ;-)

    It's located off PCH and Bayside Drive (on the East side of the highway) tucked away next to a trailer park. It's sandwiched between the Dunes (Back Bay) and a launching site for a local kayak rental facility. A small walkway over the water leads you to a 20' x 15' shack of sorts with tanks pumping through fresh water. Inside you'll find fresh local and seasonal catches. Although they fly some product in, most of what is on hand is caught locally in waters between Dana Point and Santa Barbara. They might travel as far South as San Diego and as far North as waters near San Jose but you'll have to ask to verify.

    Spiny lobsters are in season and when we were there a couple of weeks ago the tanks were full. I believe spot prawn season is coming up in the next few months. They're my absolute favorite. Lightly pink, lively and spunky, and extremely sweet.

    R. Jason Coulston

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      Thanks Jason. that turns out to have been the case. Terese didn't feel like picking up messages. panic averted, though, they are still open. looks like spot season will begin about the end of April this year.

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        Jason is right on point. Pearson's Port is a real treasure. Last I heard they were trying to figure out what was going to happen when they did all the planned development in the area.

        I for one hope they stay right where they are. There's a certain authenticity out on that barge.