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Re: Stone Crabs At Defunct Tractons

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  • Tujunga Mike Apr 6, 2002 06:10 PM
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I am having a disagreement with a foodie friend who insists that the old defunct prime rib emporium Tractons on South La Cienga NEVER served stone crabs. I remeber not only that they did but that they proudly advertised them on a sign outside. Anybody else remember? And does anybody know where to get stone crabs here in L.A. now? Thanks....

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  1. It's been a number of years, but I had some really good stone crabs at Shiro in South Pas a time or two. I'd call and ask if available.

    1. If memory serves, I think that the much maligned (me among the maligning) Buggy Whip, serves stone crabs.

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        1. Posted this yesterday, and today...gone. If any one of the powers that be within CH can tell me why, I would be interested to hear the answer.

          There still is a branch of Tracton's, (click on link below), and they still have a blurb about offering Stone Crabs. Across from the Del Mar race track. Looks like it might be worth the drive.

          Link: http://www.redtractons.signonsandiego...

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            Solved the mystery myself. There is a duplicate post of this thread, I posted to the one in the parallel universe. Now I am in both universes. Hope I don't meet myself or one of me will cease to exist. What's the anti-matter with me?