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Apr 6, 2002 06:10 PM

Re: Stone Crabs At Defunct Tractons

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I am having a disagreement with a foodie friend who insists that the old defunct prime rib emporium Tractons on South La Cienga NEVER served stone crabs. I remeber not only that they did but that they proudly advertised them on a sign outside. Anybody else remember? And does anybody know where to get stone crabs here in L.A. now? Thanks....

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  1. It's been a number of years, but I had some really good stone crabs at Shiro in South Pas a time or two. I'd call and ask if available.

    1. If memory serves, I think that the much maligned (me among the maligning) Buggy Whip, serves stone crabs.

        1. Posted this yesterday, and today...gone. If any one of the powers that be within CH can tell me why, I would be interested to hear the answer.

          There still is a branch of Tracton's, (click on link below), and they still have a blurb about offering Stone Crabs. Across from the Del Mar race track. Looks like it might be worth the drive.

          Link: http://www.redtractons.signonsandiego...

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            Solved the mystery myself. There is a duplicate post of this thread, I posted to the one in the parallel universe. Now I am in both universes. Hope I don't meet myself or one of me will cease to exist. What's the anti-matter with me?