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Mar 13, 2008 09:54 AM

Fried Chicken in Westchester

I love the BBQ Chicken at ribs on the run, and to be honest, there's not too many BBQ joints that serve it better, but it dawned on me as I dug into a 6 piece bucket of KFC...where can I get really good, crispy fried chicken in Southern Westchester. I gotta say, in a pinch, a 6 or 8 peice bucket with a few sides isn't too bad at KFC. Joe's Quarry Inn has some good Fried Chicken, but it's a special and only appears on the menu on Tuesdays, and sometimes Thursdays. Any thoughts on this matter?

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  1. There was some talk about fried chicken recently here on this thread...

    1. I'm sure there are better places, but I really love the fried chicken at Sherwood's in Larchmont.

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        Pobo, I'll definitely give it a try, despite my not really liking the food at Sherwood's.