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Mar 13, 2008 09:31 AM

Dried/cooked chickpea conversion

So here's the deal: I'm trying to make Paula Wolfert's hummus recipe -

which calls for 1.5 cups dried chickpeas.

But the problem is, I'm living in Brazil at the moment, in a crappy apartment with no volume measures, so I just went out and bought a 500-gram bag of dried chickpeas and cooked the whole thing.

So I have two questions, which are really one question:

-My 500-gram bag of dried chickpeas would have been equivalent to how many cups? Anyone with dried chickpeas and a kitchen scale want to investigate this for me?

-And how much of cooked chickpeas sitting in the fridge would be equivalent to the 1.5 cups dried that Paula called for? Do chickpeas double in volume? Triple?

Oh, and most importantly, if I use lime juice instead of lemon juice (there are no lemons in Brazil as far as I can tell), will the hummus gods strike me down?


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  1. According to Alice Waters the "rule of thumb" for dried beans is:

    1lb. dried beans =
    2 cups dried beans =
    6 cups cooked beans

    So it seems like beans generally triple in volume. So the 1.5 cups called for in the recipe (let's see if I do this right) would equal 4.5 cups cooked, which sounds like the average for hummus.

    HTH :)

    1. The recipe says it makes 4 cups. Since the main ingredient is the chickpeas, starting with somewhat less than 4 cups (3?) of mashed chickpeas should work. Ultimately this is a dish you make by taste, adding more salt, garlic, and lemon/lime juice to your preferences.


      1. Hah! When I lived in Korea we had the opposite problem citrus-wise. Lemons aplenty but not a lime to be found. Use the citrus the world gives you. I had an Israeli friend who turned me on to lacto fermented hummos. I strongly suggest you check out the recipe at