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Apr 6, 2002 05:27 PM

Need Great Vietnamese Restaurant

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Please!!! I need recomendations for a better than average Vietnamese restaurant . Perfer L.A. area but I'm willing to venture south to Westminster. Thanks....

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  1. I can't attest to how good they are, but here are a few recs I've been keeping tabs on from the OC folks:

    Au Lac (vegetarian, but got rave reviews)
    Favori (French-Vietnamese)
    Brodard's (a Chowhound gathering visited here - banh knot is great)

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    1. re: Steph P

      Brodard has another location (cleverly called Brodard II) in Alhambra. It's at 647 W. Valley.

    2. What *kind* of Vietnamese? Vietnamese tends to be like Korean in that you visit different places for different food.

      This is all SGV... but for fish-in-clay-pot you want to go to My Dung (shush, shush, it's "mee doong"... My means American) which is south of Garvey on San Gabriel, just south of the 99 Ranch.

      For excellent bun thit nuong, you want Nha Hang My Hanh on Garvey east of Rosemead in South El Monte, in the minimall past the McDonalds.

      For garlic chicken and lemongrass beef, you want Red Moon in West LA at Sawtelle and National (?), if you can put up with the horrendous service.

      For banh mi it's the place with no name (it just says Banh Mi) on Valley Blvd. in Alhambra two blocks west of Garfield but before (and on the opposite side of the street from) the Phu Ky market.

      1. sorry, miguel,

        ya gotta go outside of LA to find some authentic, to-die-for vietnamese. actually you need to venture deep into the orange curtain, specifically, little saigon for the best pho and mo' this side of the mekong river. the best restaurant hands down is the my thanh restaurant. maybe "charlie don't surf" but he sure can cook!!!

        dj eddie ed