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Everest on Queen st

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Anyone been there? reviews please

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    1. re: LemonLauren

      Horrible. The momos I got basically tasted like standard Chinese dumplings from frozen. Save your money and eat elsewhere.

    2. I think Little Tibet on Queen St. (near Trinity Bellwoods Park is better)....though their butter tea is still a taste I've yet to master

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      1. re: Finnegan

        If you're looking for momos, I absolutely second Little Tibet. Nothing fancy and I can't speak for 100% authenticity (salsa ain't Tibetan, is it?) but it's a friendly family-run business that serves consistent tasty food pretty cheap. I can never bring myself to stray from the handmade momos, but my wife has tried various other veggie dishes and enjoyed them all.

        Finnegan: never tried butter tea but I've heard it's pretty much an acquired taste all over the world, not just at this place! :)

        1. re: Gary

          Actually there is a Tibetan / Western China 'Salsa' remarkably similar to that stuff from Mexico... Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't eaten it repeatedly in one region.

      2. I'm going there for dinner tomorrow (no choice, it's the birthday girl's decision so please don't say go somewhere else). For those that have been and like it, can you recommend what to order? Is it as evil as Spring Rolls?!!