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Mar 13, 2008 09:17 AM

Easter Brunch or Dinner in RI

I am looking for a few nice places to consider for brunch or dinner with my wife on Easter. I do not have time to call all of our favorites so I was hoping some here would know of some of the better restaurants that normally serve on Easter. I know Castle Hill and Chez Pascal are having special Easter menu's as stated on their websites, but would like a few more options to choose from as well.

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  1. Crave will be open for dinner. Bay Voyage has their brunch which is alway great. Coast Guard house has also reopened for the season. Shelter harbor Inn, The Boathouse and Waterman grill too!

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    1. re: fruitlady

      THANK YOU! I LOVE Crave but their website has been "under construction" for a year now. I knew they were on vacation but was unsure when they were returning. I cannot call them from work so I am relying on website info for now. Thanks again...

      1. re: Sean

        Sean , I had actually just spoken with Chef Stephen he is planning on doing a homemade salmon pastrami crepe w/ a dill creme fraiche foam, an oven roasted leg of rabbit with truffle begger purse ravioli with early spring veg & a rack of lamb i think i remembered everthing he said. Hope this helps.