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Mar 13, 2008 08:54 AM

Lebanese in Boston?

Was just hearing about a lebanese dish (kippe?) that is raw lean lamb, ground and mixed with cracked wheat and spices. Are there any lebanese restaurants in Boston?

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  1. Cafe Barada in Cambridge has a variety of Lebanese dishes, including kibby...

    1. The raw form is kibbe nayah.

      1. Reef Cafe in Allston has vegetable kibby and baked kibby.

        1. The Reef Cafe on Brighton Ave in Allston is Lebanese, they may serve them. Massi's and the other Armenian stores on Mt Auburn St in Watertown have them frozen.

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            In Armenian it is typically called kirfta (kibbe is the lebanese term). Rheyma (and there's another phrase I'm forgetting is what the raw kirfta is called - I love this stuff). And since it's Lent there is also vosp kirfta - which is an unbaked kirfta made with lentils.

          2. I have always had nice meals at Phoenicia, which is a Lebanese restaurant on Cambridge St. near Charles Circle. Their Kibbe is very good, as well as the kebabs.