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Mar 13, 2008 08:40 AM

Very best PC products?

I am sending a care package to a friend in the States. I want to send things she can't get there. To me, that means PC products. Lots of PC products getting mixed reviews -- please let me know what is the best! She is a foodie, so I want to send something appropriate. Thanks!

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  1. For non-PC products, don't forget Shreddies and Coffee Crisp (among other chocolate bars)! These are not available in the states.

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      1. re: Baggins

        Especially the new diamond shaped Shreddies...

        1. I LOVE (rather guiltily) their twist sticks, particularly the olive ones. Flaky, light, crisp, buttery, and savoury. A great all-around combination.

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          1. re: Juniper

            The Schezuan Peanut Sauce - think it's called Memories of Schezuan.
            The Blue crackers - healthy and tasty at once.
            The Blueberry Cream Cheese cookies - not a bit healthy but tasty for sure !

            1. re: Bigtigger

              Don't forget the stringent import rules the US has on food items. You need a special permit for food to cross the border. Its time consuming and expensive to obtain.

              1. re: Danybear

                I think that only appries to certain meats and produce (ie Citrus). I thought that usuallly packaged and processed food are OK.

                1. re: Danybear

                  the last time I sent food to the states, provided it was sealed and not any kind of fresh meat or produce (it was a can of coffee from Timmies), all I had to do was fill out a form. Free, but full of hassle.

                  1. re: zseckley

                    I send friends in VT a case of Honey Shreddies every now and then...take it to Mailboxes Etc (now the UPS Store) and they take care of everything - no special forms or anything - and never any hassle at the receiver's end. The US Agriculture folks are only interested in fresh foods, not packaged goods.

                    1. re: Bigtigger

                      How expensive is shipping to the I sent something by Canada Post a few years ago, and it was surprisingly pricey.

                      1. re: merlot143

                        Not terribly bad - I think using UPS and the packaging services of Mailboxes it only cost me about $45-50 to send a large though not particularly heavy crate. Via Canada Post and doing self-packaging it probably would have been around $25 or so.

            2. Do they still sell the Sweet and Salty Cashew Granola Bars? Those were great. I didn't see them at the store today.
              Actually I think they do frozen desserts really well like their pies and ice cream desserts. However these don't ship well.

              1. And don't forget that some PC products are available at some grocery stores in the U.S. Jewel is one chain, not sure of what others there may be.