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Weird pregnancy cravings?

I am 6 months pregnant and one question that I always get is "what are you craving right now?" I was wondering what everyone else was craving or couldnt' stand the smell of. In the beginning of my pregnancy I could not stand the smell of Italian food but now I'm ok (thank god) and lately I've been craving pillsbury chocolate chip cookies (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT haha)......

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  1. not pregnant, but when I was, I couldn't get enough of orange soda, cheetos, and tortilla chips with the fake nacho cheese. As far as aversions go, I couldn't eat fish for a while...

    1. Strongly craved melon, only when pregnant, repulsed by mushrooms, only when pregnant.

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        My wife had an intense craving for cantaloupe with with a scoop of vanilla (Häagen-Dazs was the brand of choice) ice cream in it. She had a tremendous aversion to the smell of any type of stuffing.

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          Fascinating; my first wife craved cantalope with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs rum raisin ice cream!

          And chuck eye steaks pan-fried in butter.

      2. With my daughter, I couldn't stand the smell, sight or thought of chicken (I've heard a lot of people say this). And I couldn't get enough chocolate milk.

        With my son, I had no particular cravings or aversions, but I still drank chocolate milk every day -- mostly because it was a good excuse to drink chocolate milk!

        Now that I think about it, both of my kids (3 1/2 and 1 1/2) LOVE milk, but I haven't introduced them to chocolate milk yet.

        1. I had a chicken aversion, but only for the first trimester. Couldn't even stand to read menu descriptions if the item contained the foul fowl! I'd never heard of food aversions during pregnancy before, so I was quite puzzled. And glad when it went away. At one point - also during the first trimester - I had an intense craving for something lemony, which was sated with a single lemon creme cookie. Later I remember craving Kraft mac 'n cheese, but eating the whole box at one sitting pretty much took care of that! I also craved oatmeal at the beginning (which was nice, since it was winter). The weird thing was that I'd never eaten it before, never having been a fan of hot cereal. How I knew to crave a taste I'd never had is sort of beyond me. But it made me a fan and I'm glad to have expanded my horizons!

          Congrats, littlehottie - enjoy your pregnancy!

          1. Just an aversion to coffee in the first trimester. That went away in the 2nd. I'm kind of disappointed - I haven't had any true cravings, like the intense "need" for a food, like I was expecting and have heard about. I wonder how much craving is just the pregnant lady really wanting something and using the craving as an excuse to eat it, rather than an actual physical craving. Or maybe it's just me - I've been eating like normal throughout my pregnancy, which is in its eighth month. There was one day I told my husband I wanted a milkshake which he took as a craving but no, to me, it was like "I feel like having a milkshake", not anything intense; it was like any day when you decide what you feel like eating, pregnant or not.

            1. Food!! And that's weird because I'm a chef. I only gained 14 lbs my whole pregnancy - and every day I had to force myself to eat something, anything. Meat was a total turn off - and I am a carnivore through and through. I managed greek salads (luckily I was pregnant in the summer so tomatoes and cucumbers were amazing) and orange juice.

              My beautiful Noah was born at 6lbs 8 oz, and I gained probably 20 lbs after I delivered him - my appetite came came stronger than ever LOL.

              1. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had one weekend about a month into the pregnancy where I craved potatoes all weekend long...every which way...then nausea set in and I couldn't eat a potato for the next 8 months...about 3 months along, for two solid weeks, I craved chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a grape soda. (and I hate soda) I lived for the decaf iced cappucino at the local bagel shop, and I couldn't wait to have sushi again!
                With my son, the cravings weren't so extreme or intense....I just wanted food, a lot of it, and all the time. :-) Congrats and good luck to you...

                1. I remember have such a strong craving for spinach that I raced from my commuter train to the grocery store, and purchased a both bunch of fresh spinach and a box of frozen spinach because I wasn't sure which would cook faster. Just weird. An, oh, BTW, the fresh cooked faster, and I ate the whole bunch.

                  I loved giant hamburgers, and couldn't stand the sight or smell of any kind of danish pastry with a sugary or shiny glaze. Go figure.

                  1. With my son, I had a massive adversion to chicken (couldn't eat, smell or look at it). I craved french fries with ranch dressing and steak.

                    With my daughter, I didn't have any adversions, but I craved cereal, especially Cinnamon Life and Special K.

                    1. I'm 7 months pregnant with a little boy and I crave raw veggies....no dressing! I especially love raw kale, cherry tomatoes and red cabbage...I HAVE to have them everyday! I love all kinds of fruit: watermelon, grapefruit, apples, berries, pineapple... Also, Snickers bars, bagels with cream cheese, and hot fudge sundaes...and LOTS of ice (but it has to be Starbucks ice, which has the perfect amount of crunch!). Meat turns me completely off...as does Greek food (gyros...yuck!).

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                        oh I LOVE your post-so funny and reminiscent of my own memory.

                      2. I craved cantaloupe and ate it every day! Cantaloupe also happened to be the first non-jarred solid food that our son ate - he went on to eat so many beta-c rich foods that his little nose turned orange!

                        1. McDonald's French fries - big time. Did not touch the stuff for 30 years afterwards.

                          1. Peanut butter and pickles. Oddly delicious until I stopped being pregnant.

                            1. No cravings. Only aversions, basically to everything I would normally eat.

                              Thankfully they didn't last past the pregnancy, but my marriage didn't last much past the pregnancy either, perhaps not exactly due to the way my ex reacted to my food aversions while I was pregnant, but it was the early warning sign.

                              1. Anybody familiar with the cheapo AYCE Mexican buffet restaurants named "Panchos"? I think I'd eaten there about 3 times in my life, probably after college parties, but all I wanted when pregnant with my first was the green chili enchiladas. Nothing but tortillas floating in that neon orange "cheese" with a snip of green chili here and there. I couldn't force myself to eat anything else for days until my husband finally gave in and took me there to pig out.

                                The same craving hit me 2-3 more times during that pregnancy. Luckily my cravings were for healthier things with the 2nd and 3rd--loved raw broccoli and ate nearly a head a day for months with both.

                                1. I was all (ALLLLLLL) about two eggs, over medium, with two pieces of toast with butter every morning with my first. I had to have those eggs, it was non-negotiable. But pizza or takeout Italian or Chinese were my huge aversions. (I'd frequently get a salad and eat bread and American cheese - no condiments, not grilled - sandwiches instead. So weird, so bland.)

                                  My middle child came right after my first, I think I was too exhausted and overwhelmed to remember any cravings or aversions!

                                  But my absolute strangest "craving" was with my youngest daughter - I loved to put gas in my car because I loved, loved, lovvvvvved the smell of gasoline while pregnant with her. I mean, I still like the smell,. but it was like an actual craving to smell it when I was pregnant.

                                  Oh, and my mom always said she craved Rolaids and - this is not only odd but a moment-in-time - frost from inside the freezer! But better than that, one of my good friends craved - and actually ate - dirt. DIRT.

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                                  1. Toast with peanut butter and butter, pasta in cream sauce, garlicky pickles, hot dogs. Oh and ice cream sandwiches, although I haven't had one that's been satisfying enough. Lately I've been craving ice cold skim milk - I drink it by the pint now. And anything deep fried. We were in the mall the other day and I HAD to stop for a poutine at New York Fries (yuck, I know). My husband touched me affectionately on the arm and said, "I really, really love the pregnant version of you." I am usually a pretty healthy eater and am guilty of nagging my husband for eating junk food so this is a change for him and of course he encourages me to give in to all my cravings. Hot McDonald's fries. Bacon. This is probably just a list of everything that I want to eat right now.

                                    I did have intense aversions to pork when I first got pregnant. I couldn't eat the Berkshire pork presented to me at our 10 course anniversary dinner.

                                    Someone in my office is eating McDonalds. I am about to hunt them down.

                                    Food good.

                                    1. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first child and love chicken with BBQ sauce, cottage cheese, and popcorn dipped in ketchup!

                                      1. With my first, I had no cravings until mid second trimester, when I developed a half pint a day Haagen Dazs habit. I'm now pregnant again and no cravings or aversions so far. Hopefully this time, like the last, i'll have no nausea. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are yummy to me now.

                                        1. I can't say I really craved anything - I had things that sounded really, really good, but there was none of the "oreos or you DIE" insistence that some of my girlfriends had.

                                          I loved fruit juice poured over an entire glass of crushed ice.

                                          Italian tomato sauce and pasta always sounded really good -- the Sicilian lady who ran the little hole-in-the-wall where I ate LOTS of pasta and red sauce actually told me one day, "I'm Sicilian, and I didn't eat that much red sauce when I was pregnant! In Sicily they say that red sauce makes your baby have lots of hair" And so it did -- he had so much hair that you can see it on my final ultrasound.

                                          I went through about 3-1/2 months (most of my second trimester) where meat -- chicken, beef, pork, whatever -- didn't nauseate me, but it was like wet cardboard to me - tasteless and utterly unpleasant. So I was lacto-ovo vegetarian -- lots of eggs and beans and cheese, with the full blessings of my doctor. Must have been okay -- that one was 8# 9oz (a full 4kg).

                                          1. with our first I was starving to death. I woke up planning the worlds largest breakfast and while making it I was already planning lunch, last bite of lunch took me to the freezer to remove frozen protein for that nights' dinner. I honestly would eat your head if it wasn't secured to your neck-I sooo craved food.

                                            all 3 pregnancies were the same:
                                            each&every day:
                                            1. water tons of water
                                            2. really superior tuna sandwiches
                                            3. back yard tomatoes
                                            could not tolerate:
                                            1. root beer (or) the smell of it
                                            2. chili

                                            1. Not cravings or aversions, but saltines and vernors are helpful.

                                              1. Cravings: Pickles and ice cream, dried kiwi and dried cantaloupe, which I had to order online cause I couldn't find them in stores. Lattes made with melted ice cream (or gelato). Fanta with lots of ice once slightly watered down from the ice. Strawberry lemonade, I had it bad for that stuff. The jamba juice all fruit smoothies.

                                                Aversions: The biggest one was sushi, that one took a while to go away. Coffee, chicken, ground meat, burgers especially, lunch meat. Bananas, lettuce, green peppers. Any hint of rare meat or salmon.

                                                1. I found out I was pregnant about a week before demolition began for our kitchen remodel, so my first-trimester aversions are forever linked in my mind with not being able to cook for several weeks. All I wanted was plain noodles with butter and Parmesan... but we had no way to cook pasta.

                                                  I had major aversions to meat (except for Five Guys burgers) for the first few months, but I ate a ton of fresh fruit and dairy (especially cottage cheese). And spicy food - I went to Moe's for lunch about once a week. However, I ate so many saltines to help deal with morning sickness that I still can't eat them, and my son is almost 3.

                                                  1. I had the chicken aversion almost all the way through, and I love chicken so that was pretty weird.

                                                    I found that most of my cravings were not for weird combinations of foods like they often depict in movies and TV, but for foods I never, ever eat, mostly because they are really unhealthy nasty things I gave up years ago - fast food of all stripes, banana splits and other ice cream treats, junk food like cheetos. It was crazy. I never eat stuff like that, but I couldn't get enough Whoppers one week, it was just so bizarre. I tried eating one after I was no longer pregnant and it tasted so awful, I truly couldn't understand what the appeal was.

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                                                      I have been eating a lot of junk food that I normally would never eat. I thought it was just bad habits and a sudden shift in willpower, but now I can hope that the interest is pregnancy related and will go away!

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                                                        it goes the other way, too -- right after my first was born, colleagues sent me a box of Godiva chocolates -- that box lived in the fridge for a record length of time because I couldn't stomach the taste of chocolate.

                                                        I actually spit a half-chewed Godiva in the garbage.

                                                        I'm now making up for lost time. ;/

                                                    2. Although it has been many years since I've been pregnant, I did have some strange aversions and cravings.
                                                      When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I could not eat meat for the first three months. It would disgust me. I lived on pasta and veg. The smell of chicken--and lamb, killed me. I also could not stand the smell of fried food. I worked in the Wall St. area of NYC. One day I walked in front of a falafel place and threw up in a public garbage can because the smell of frying food made me so ill. It was pretty mortifying.
                                                      My cravings were...and this was with all three pregnancies. Fluffernutter sandwiches on Wonder bread. It had to be wonderbread. I also remember one time prepping to make chocolate chip cookies and never got around to it because I ate the entire bag of chips.
                                                      Oh. and I had a weird craving for listening to The Who. I never even liked them, but when I was pregnant, I loved listening to Who's Next and Tommy. Go figure!

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                                                        Do your kids eat fluffernutters and listed to The Who?

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                                                          Nope to the fluffernutters. Surprising my kids are more into Jimmy Hendrix and James Brown--two of my all time faves..but they aren't really Who fans!

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                                                            it's always funny listening to the craving stories and tying them to what the kids now eat.

                                                            My mom hates butterscotch -- my dad knew something was going on when, the night I was born, she HAD to have a butterscotch sundae.

                                                            I love butterscotch.