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Mar 13, 2008 08:40 AM

Weird pregnancy cravings?

I am 6 months pregnant and one question that I always get is "what are you craving right now?" I was wondering what everyone else was craving or couldnt' stand the smell of. In the beginning of my pregnancy I could not stand the smell of Italian food but now I'm ok (thank god) and lately I've been craving pillsbury chocolate chip cookies (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT haha)......

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  1. not pregnant, but when I was, I couldn't get enough of orange soda, cheetos, and tortilla chips with the fake nacho cheese. As far as aversions go, I couldn't eat fish for a while...

    1. Strongly craved melon, only when pregnant, repulsed by mushrooms, only when pregnant.

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        My wife had an intense craving for cantaloupe with with a scoop of vanilla (Häagen-Dazs was the brand of choice) ice cream in it. She had a tremendous aversion to the smell of any type of stuffing.

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          Fascinating; my first wife craved cantalope with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs rum raisin ice cream!

          And chuck eye steaks pan-fried in butter.

      2. With my daughter, I couldn't stand the smell, sight or thought of chicken (I've heard a lot of people say this). And I couldn't get enough chocolate milk.

        With my son, I had no particular cravings or aversions, but I still drank chocolate milk every day -- mostly because it was a good excuse to drink chocolate milk!

        Now that I think about it, both of my kids (3 1/2 and 1 1/2) LOVE milk, but I haven't introduced them to chocolate milk yet.

        1. I had a chicken aversion, but only for the first trimester. Couldn't even stand to read menu descriptions if the item contained the foul fowl! I'd never heard of food aversions during pregnancy before, so I was quite puzzled. And glad when it went away. At one point - also during the first trimester - I had an intense craving for something lemony, which was sated with a single lemon creme cookie. Later I remember craving Kraft mac 'n cheese, but eating the whole box at one sitting pretty much took care of that! I also craved oatmeal at the beginning (which was nice, since it was winter). The weird thing was that I'd never eaten it before, never having been a fan of hot cereal. How I knew to crave a taste I'd never had is sort of beyond me. But it made me a fan and I'm glad to have expanded my horizons!

          Congrats, littlehottie - enjoy your pregnancy!

          1. Just an aversion to coffee in the first trimester. That went away in the 2nd. I'm kind of disappointed - I haven't had any true cravings, like the intense "need" for a food, like I was expecting and have heard about. I wonder how much craving is just the pregnant lady really wanting something and using the craving as an excuse to eat it, rather than an actual physical craving. Or maybe it's just me - I've been eating like normal throughout my pregnancy, which is in its eighth month. There was one day I told my husband I wanted a milkshake which he took as a craving but no, to me, it was like "I feel like having a milkshake", not anything intense; it was like any day when you decide what you feel like eating, pregnant or not.