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Mar 13, 2008 08:38 AM

60th Birthday Afternoon Tea Party on Long Island North Shore?

Does anyone know of a nice tea salon that hosts private parties for afternoon tea on the N. Shore of Long Island? We are trying to organize an intimate 60th Birthday party for my stepmother and thought this would be something she would like. The afternoon tea at the Garden City hotel looks very nice but ideally it would be great to have a smaller venue of a real tea salon where we could potentially rent the place out. We'll probably have around 30 people. Thank you for any ideas-

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  1. Although it is not the North Shore - there is Lady Anne's Tea Parlor on Hempstead Tpke in Levittown. Newsday had a recent article about it. Personally, I never went there so I cannot give you a review.

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      again south shore- milk anad sugar in bayshore has an awesome tea service - especially for a party

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        I went to Lady Anne's a few months ago for a Red Hat event. Very girly, and I mean that as a compliment! Pretty room, pretty dishes, nice clean ladies room, cute gift store.

        I'm not a tea drinker, but the women I went with liked their assortment of teas. We had some finger sandwiches and small cookies/pastries. All in all, a pleasant afternoon.

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          Thanks for the tips ladies- I'll look into these places.

      2. robin76, did you end up going to lady anne's? I'm trying to plan a bridal shower for my sister now and am also thinking of an afternoon tea for about 30 people. Just wondering if you could share your experience at Anne's or whereever you decided on. Thanks!

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          QueenPeach, we did not end up going to Lady Anne's- the high tea party was too hard to pull off due to location. We ended up having a really lovely brunch party instead at Diane's Trattoria in Roslyn village- it was terrific, but of course not the afternoon tea we originally envisioned. Enjoy your shower planning!