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Mar 13, 2008 08:33 AM

Dinner this weekend in Newport, RI

Heading up to Newport from NYC this weekend, and was wondering about great choices for romantic (but not stuffy/old fashioned) dinner. Was thinking French/New American. Would prefer to keep it under $200 for dinner and wine.

Any help is appreciated!!

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  1. Tucker's Bistro would be a good choice. Castle Hill is excellent and serves a prix fixe menu at 70 a head.

    Also as a warning or a perk, depending on your point of view, this is the St. Patrick's Day parade weekend in Newport.

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      1. re: Frobisher

        Is this parade a large event? Planning to arrive on sat afternoon and only staying the one night.

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          It is a big event dowtown at the brick marketplace on the pier, so traffic will be heavy in the area where most of the restaurants are located. It is an awesome show though, bagpipes playing everywhere:

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            The city and especially the bars will be packed all along the parade route. If you were thinking of a quite stroll down Thames St in the offseason, this isn't the weekend for it. But if you like the black stuff or the occosional glass (or 5) of whiskey you can have a grand time.

        2. restaurant bouchard, tuckers or castle hill are all great choices...I would reccommend making reservations where ever you choose for this will be a very busy weekend. The parade starts at 11:00 and runs down broadway-right down to lower thames, you may find that the busiest places will be the bars. the streets during the day will be jammed packed will people until the end of the parade.

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            I mentioned Castle Hill earlier which should be even more attractive to you now, it is located on scenic Ocean Drive, well away from the parade area:


          2. I would suggest The Newport Blues Cafe for a Funky place to eat. Plus entertainment is included. Its located in an old bank and I have had outstanding food there.

            1. We had dinner in Newport last year at Restaurant Lucia the day of the parade. We forgot about the parade but we really did not have a hard time getting into town. I guess the worst thing about this day is that there are a lot of drunk people running around.
              As for restaurants, Restaurant Bouchard I feel is a dining experience. Very nice, great food. We love the food at Restaurant Lucia and it is also a BYOB. My favorite restaurant in Newport is Peurini's. It is Italian, it is great!! We are actually going there Saturday. I have heard good reviews about a new restaurant that opened up called Spark. The menu looks very creative and it is also a BYOB. Although we never go there for dinner we often go to Chandler for drinks. It is worth it just to go see it. It used to be The Cliff Walk and someone totally did it over. It is right in the ocean with a fabulous view, the grounds and interior are beautiful. The restaurant , The Spiced Pear, is very nice but I have not heard food reviews. Have a great time!!

              1. Inn at Castle Hill or The Spiced Pear will both keep you away from the Guinness gang downtown, if you prefer a quieter scene. If you get there during parade time, avoid the parade route area unless you want to participate. It is a lot of fun and a Newport institution.

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                  1. re: chase1977

                    Did you make it to Newport? If so, how was it? Where did you end up? Thanks.

                    1. re: mvi

                      Yes, we did make it up there on Saturday. The parade and related festivities made for an entertaining crowd. We ended up at 22 Bowens (sp?). Excellent meal and wine-list. Thought about castle hill, but wanted somewhere walkable so we could have wine and drinks.

                      1. re: chase1977

                        Thanks for reporting back. The parade is a really fun experience.