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Mar 13, 2008 08:27 AM

Omaha, NE Restaurants?

omaha, ne restaurants ??

would be in omaha in may, staying in embassy suites - 10 th street, what to look for
ethnic restaurants ?

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  1. there's not really a lot of ethnic restaurants downtown.
    these couple are the best:

    Ahmad's Persian Cuisine
    1006 Howard St
    (402) 341-9616
    Great food and service. Prices are a bit high for my tastes, but I would say it's generally worth it. Reservations strongly recommended.
    A menu is available on this site:

    Indian Oven
    1010 Howard St
    (402) 434-4856
    Generally solid Indian food. Great service. Reservations highly recommended for dinner.

    and then there's this place, which i have never been to:
    The International Cafe
    2416 Farnam St.
    (402) 345-1568
    African restaurant adjoining a grocery store. One of a few restaurants in town that serves goat. This review from the local paper a couple years ago will give you the general idea:

    These two (non-ethnic) places are also downtown and generally considered to be two of the better restaurants in town:
    Flatiron Cafe
    1722 Saint Marys Ave
    (402) 344-3040
    Upper mid scale. Solid food. Menu on their site. Reservations strongly recommended.

    V Mertz Restaurant
    1022 Howard St
    (402) 345-8980
    Upscale. Pricy and classy. The setting in the Underground Passageway is really nice. Menu on their site. Reservations strongly recommended.

    for breakfast take a hike up the street from the hotel to:
    Big Daddy's Diner
    1901 Farnam St
    (402) 345-8839
    Diner atmosphere. Stupidly huge portions, breakfast all day long. Great homemade food.

    1. Right across the street from you, Ahmad's is definitely one of my favorite Omaha restaurants. The Fessun Jun (pomegranate chicken) is my favorite dish there. If you call a day or two ahead of time he'll even make it for you with lamb instead of chicken. I agree with sladeums that VMertz is also a great choice (it's within a block of your hotel too). They have a great wine list.