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Need a suggestion close to Massey Hall

going to the Chris Rock show on Friday and need a place to eat beforehand. would prefer cheap and cheerful. suggestions?

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  1. How about Spices Cafe? Cheap, the owner is ever cheerful, and the food's darn tasty.

    1. Salad King at Yonge & Gould.
      A Ryerson hang-out (Thai food)

      Salad King
      340 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B1R7, CA

      1. Terroni's or Beer Bistro on Adelaide?

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          Quick correction -- beer bistro is on King.

          For cheap and cheerful, I'd consider the Senator Diner.

          Salad King is good, too -- just go early enough to deal with the crowds/line up.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            I second the Senator Diner. The burger, short ribs and meatloaf are very tasty there.


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              I think The Senator over charges for what you get.
              $18 for fish & chips, or meatloaf
              $10 burger with no fries, cheese $1 extra.

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                Agree about Senator - cheesburger & fries comes to $14 before tax & tip. $6 brought in dessert. $3 for coffee. It's amazing how much the bill ends up being for just a simple supper. And both burger & fries were overcooked. Service is very hospitable though, a nice quality, often so lacking in Toronto, but seating is the original, made for dwarfs and very uncomfortable.
                I'd drift south of MH to previous suggestions - Beer Bistro on King or Terroni on Adelaide.

          2. Sounds horrible, but Baton Rouge is reliable. Nothing special in terms of food, but it's comfy and you can get a decent burger. And it is so close to MH. But make a reservation! They do a huge business before shows.

            1. Salad King is always good and cheap. Green Jeans in the Eatons Centre is pretty cheerful and their menu has expanded a bit (beyond what it was when I was last there some years back)--like they do a nice little mac and cheese for $4--a comfort side dish.

              And I also vote for Spices--the curried salmon is the best I've ever tried in Toronto (and definitely cheerful).

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                That other restaurant in the Eaton's Centre (the one right by Greenjeans) is actually pretty good too. I think it might be called City Grill or somehing, but can't remember exactly.

                SO and I had to find a place to eat before a concert at Massey Hall and everywhere we went was full to the brim. We ended up there and, despite a 10-15 minute wait to get a table, the service (after we told them we were in a rush) was really fast and attentive, and the food was great. We were pleasantly surprised.

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                  You have to make a reservation on show nights, even at these mediocre mall restos. Otherwise you end up standing in line at Frans...Yuck.

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                    So true. I, for one, won't make that mistake again...

              2. Terroni or Mercatto are both great choices. Terroni will take reservations. I think Linda (owned by Salad King, upstairs) also takes reservations.

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                  Thanks for the suggestions...i was thinking of the senator, but will pass based on comments here. If I can convince my wife to eat Indian, Spices might be the winner. We were in India for three weeks over the holidays, not sure she's ready yet for the food.

                2. For really cheap and cheerful, try Red & White Meditteranean food on Yonge just below Gerrard. Very good Chicken Shawarma plate. Should run you about $7 with a drink.