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Mar 13, 2008 08:18 AM

Momofuko Ko Reservations?

Here's the website to get a reservation:

I went throught the whole rigamorole to get a reservation request in, only to find that there are none available.

Presumably, if they only accept reservations for the following week, at some specific time each day (say Monday) they start accepting reservations for the following Monday. Or, perhaps at a specific date and time each week, they start accepting reservations for all seven days of the following week.

Does anyone have any insight on this process? I did a search for the restaurant name on the board and it looked to me that the restaurant opens on/around March 12? And that one lucky chowhounder has secured a reservation? Wondering is this person secured it through the reservation system or another way?


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  1. dude, you can only get a reservation on the website. no other way. its pretty democratic...though the buzz is just insane. would be nice if the food was 1/10th as good as the buzz.

    1. You can reserve seven days in advance, counting the current day. So today, at 10 a.m., you can reserve up to next Wednesday. Tomorrow at 10 a.m., you can reserve next Thursday. They are closed Tuesdays, so no reservations open up on Wednesdays.

      The slots fill almost instantly, and you can click on a green check mark (representing an available reservation) only to find it has been taken already.

      That said, it is possible to get a reservation. I did, and was there last night. (I'll probably post something later today about the dinner.)

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      1. re: Mazzer

        reservations were booked this morning in 1 minute and 32 seconds. You need to logon at 9:58 am and have quick fingers. When i logged on this morning there were 5 open slots, when i clicked one it showed me 1 open slot, then when I clicked that 1 they were all booked.

        That's what happens when you have hundreds of rabid foodies and Chang fans.

        1. re: Mazzer

          I was there last night (March 29th) and it was SUBLIMELY BRILLIANT! The vibe was fantastic and the execution, from beginning to end and all points inbetween, was absolutely terrific! More than a word needs to be said about the service, too, which, in its own way, surpassed the food: engaging, on-the-button, unobstrusive and as good as service gets. Anywhere. Not a single clunker on the menu, and the wine pairings were luscious - the whole deal was actually a great value and overall, it was a fabulous, and nothing less than fabulous, dining experience.

        2. I finally GOT ONE! Well, I should say WE finally got one!

          My friend and I set our calendars to remind us every day at 9:45 to log into Momofuko Ko and warm up our trigger fingers for the 10:00 AM start time. We both tried every day for a week. Each day at around 9:50, after logging in and watching the minutes on the clock slowly tick away, I would start to breath a bit hard and break a small sweat in nervous anticipation of the blast off. Each time, I would successfully get to the screen that had the available reservations and there would inevitably be one or two green check marks available. I would click on a green check mark and my computer would take some time to load (the first few times I would get impatient and click the Select button six or seven times, which actually slowed things down). And, each time, the screen would tell me that all reservations were gone before I could actually completely the transaction. Talk about frustration!

          And then finally, FINALLY my friend was able to secure a table for two for this Wednesday. Can't wait and will report on the meal!

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          1. re: Stickies

            Did you receive an e-mail confirming your reservation?

            1. re: chunk

              Were you asked to create a username and password ...and then asked for your credit card information? I just tried to get a reservation for the first time and this process of giving up your cc info. seems a bit odd and an invitation to abuse....did you all go through this process? Any problems?


              1. re: maria_nyc

                abuse? No, I think they are just trying to prevent a scenario where people sell their reservations like those stupid pay for reservation sites.

                I went through the process without thinking twice.

                1. re: maria_nyc

                  I did, never had a problem, they don't charge the card or keep the information, they say. I've never seen any weird charges. The CC requirement is there to prevent abuse:

                  q: why do you need my credit card information?

                  a: we want to identify you as an individual with a unique credit card number associated with a unique email address.

                  this helps protect against reservations scalpers and automated internet spiders that could snap up reservations and then sell what should be free.

                  we want the system to be fair and we figure that just about everyone has a credit card number and an email address.

                  we do not retain you credit card information and we will never charge your card (we couldn't if we tried because we don't collect enough info anyway).

            2. i've tried six or seven times now. i have a quick connection and quick fingers. i've gotten good at hitting the 'reservations' button exactly when their system hits 10am. i know where to have my cursor so i can choose the number in my party the second it pops up, and where to have my cursor so i can choose the time i want to eat when that part loads.

              and i've been foiled every time.

              its now become as much about beating the clock and winning the "game" as it is about the actual opportunity to eat there.

              but, its getting frustrating, and i'm becoming deflated.
              i have a couple more days to try, and then i enter about a 2 month period where i wont be available to try anymore at 10am.

              woe is me.

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              1. re: Get In My Belly

                Here's what they told the LA Times:

                "this morning there were several hundred people actively logged onto the system and all the reservations went in the first four seconds. with everyone trying to get what amounts to 14 reservations the odds of getting a seat are certainly slim but your internet connection speed is basically irrelevant; it's just plain old busy."


                My friend basically set him alarm for 9:55am every single day, and tried for ANY time slot since it opened, he finally got one the other time. It does take a lot of tries.

              2. I have been trying almost every morning for the past three weeks, but today my hard work paid off. Got a reservation for next Wednesday for 2 and I'm all set. You just need to be persistent and watch the little clock they have going there, you'll get them.

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                1. re: ginsbera

                  YOU JERK! i tried to get that reservation for next wed for 2 at the same time you got it.
                  now i know who to be angry at!

                  next time, please check with me before making reservations.