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Mar 13, 2008 08:10 AM

Lunch in Bloomington, IN?

Howdy! I'll be traveling to Indiana on business next week, and I'm going to end up in Bloomington for lunch on Wednesday. I'm open to whatever- obviously no chains, prefer a nice sit-down place. I just know nothing about the city. Address would be very helpful if you know it- I'll be relying on the GPS to get around.

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  1. The thia restaurant is worth the trip. It's on th emain drag..can't remember the name or the street. However, on that same street, North of the court house, are several other places my neighbors rave about. Can't tell you more.

    1. I'm a bloomington chef....Here's the best spots, both cheap and not.
      Trulli flatbread - organic pizzas and local ingredients. 514 E Kirkwood

      FarmBloomington - new restaurant headed by Daniel Orr, a good food, cool space. It's at 108 E Kirkwood.

      There's also the Uptown, next door to Farm, not as good but a bit less expensive.

      Ethnic places, there is Samira, an Afghan place, at the corner of Walnut and 6th, that has a great lunch buffet. Also Bombay House, 416 E 4th. Cheap and good.
      Bloomington is a pretty progressive food city, so there are plenty of great options.

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        FarmBloomington sounds interesting, and their website has lots of good info... but they are only open for dinner. Aargh! Trulli Flatbread sounds like a good option- I looked at their description on I'm always a sucker for a wood fired oven flatbread. Good local coffee spot nearby?

        1. re: lagniappe

          Ignore Farm's website -- they are open for lunch. Personally, I would choose Trulli Flatbread for their wonderful soups, salads, and flatbreads. If there's a rabbit special the day you go, grab it! Trulli is consistently excellent, while Farm is a bit uneven. Trulli is on Kirkwood Avenue, about half a block from the main entrance to campus. For a unique (and funky) local coffeee experience, go to SOMA on Lincoln Street, about half a block off Kirkwood. Great coffee and atmosphere. Enjoy your stay!

          1. re: pikawicca

            Oh, wonderful! I'm traveling with my boss- a guy that will leap at an Applebees if I don't have a ready suggestion, and then I have to go into a carefully worded "why this idea sucks" process. I am now armed with information- thanks to all!

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              For coffee, the Bakehouse serves good regular drip coffee. I lived in Bloomington for 5 years (just left 6 months ago), and unfortunately, I can vouch for the fact that espresso is best avoided (anywhere in town). Nothing against the place, it's just a regular coffee kind of town. Fits in with the down to earth vibe of the city.

              There are plenty of great independent lunch options. I'd concur with the options already provided. I might also add that there's a fun little Tibetian place on 4th. I don't know the address, but it's right across the street from the Bombay House (mentioned above).

              1. re: allisen

                Blu Boy Cafe and Cakery (on Kirkwood, near the square) has excellent espresso.

          2. re: dcoonce

            Unfortunately, Bombay House is no longer open for lunch.

            1. re: pikawicca

              Shanti is, however, and I prefer it. Also, for Thai, My Thai Cafe on west Third is excellent.

          3. I would suggest Siam House, which is Thai food and is located on 4th street. There are many other ethnic options on the same street.

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              Sounds like there's a lot more there than I realized! Chowhound to the rescue!

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                Bloomington has lots to offer. I don't believe that anyone has mentioned Nick's. If your boss is an Applebee's kind of guy, Nick's is sure to appeal: It's an authentic old bar on Kirkwood (near campus), and has outstanding burgers. Lots of other great food, as well.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. To clarify, the brunch items listed by Seth are served only on Sundays. That said, there are many delicious lunch choices on the weekday menu.