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Mar 13, 2008 08:00 AM

Help with Saturday Dinner near Tysons

Looking for a semi-casual sit down place for dinner with a fun vibe. Type of food does not matter, but would like some decent quality. Should be in Tysons area or 5 mile radius. Thanks!!

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  1. Shamshiry for Persian - order a lot of kabobs and have them all served on a big plate in the middle of the table. Also order some of the rices.


    1. Shamshiry is great but not if you want to have a drink (no alcohol served).

      I like going to Brio for Italian (although it is in the mall).

      1. Not a big fan on Shamshiry. (I know, I know!) For me it's been hit or miss, including the service.

        For a Saturday night in the Tysons area, I like Corner Bistro, Woo Lae Oak (Korean barbecue), and Lebanese Taverna.

        1. Kazan (Turkish) in McLean
          Haandi (Indian) in Falls Church
          Da Domenico (Italian) in Tysons near the malls