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Mar 13, 2008 07:58 AM

New to 19th and 2nd, need good delivery options

just moved to the area from a little further north in manhattan and i'm looking for some good go-to delivery options. where should we order in for some good chinese, thai, sushi, pizza, greek (if possible), italian, and anything else that i'm leaving out but is tasty. i'm guessing anything within a 10-12 block radius will deliver to us.


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  1. Brick-oven pizza- Tottonnos, its on 26th and 2nd
    Regular Pizza- Mariellas- 17th and 3rd
    Chinese- The Cottage- 16th and irving
    Thai- Viang Ping- 23rd and 3rd
    Sushi- Chosi sushi, 18th and irving ( think there are cheaper options, i just dont know them)
    Cheap Mexican- Paqutios on 3rd and 17th (cash only though)
    Indian- Baluchis, 3rd and 24th, also Curry Leaf, which is on lex
    Bagels- you live right near Essa Bagel, Gramercy Bagel is also good (i prefer it)
    Dinner Food- Gramercy Diner
    Italian- Capucines, Lamarca, Andreas, Bistango, Piccolo (not amazing options, all mediocore, but would work for delivery)

    OK, thats all i can think of for now. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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    1. re: brookeSA

      thanks. no offense but we ate at the cottage once and thought it was terrible. anyone know if empire sizchuan (or whatever the chinese place on st. marks is) delivers up to 19th? keeps the recommendations coming! thanks.

      1. re: jon

        I also disagree with some of the above recs...For chinese try Jimmys House on 24th street- they make a great sesame chicken w. cashew nuts white meat and general tso's.

        For Pizza I would order Posto if you like really thin crust stuff. It;s like cracker thin and yummy!

        Mumbles on 3rd overall has a solid selction of food that always seems to be good, from their chicken fingers to their wraps.

        For sushi we always order from haru on Park ave.

        1. re: roze

          We moved away last summer but lived in the area for several years.

          I agree with roze on Jimmy's, Posto and Haru, although we ordered sushi a lot from Tatany on 26th & 3rd. I never did care for Mumbles, though. I'd sooner order from a diner -- we liked the Coopertown diner on 1st & 20th.

          I like Totonno's for eating in, but don't think it holds up well for delivery.

          For indian, Brick Lane delivered to us on 23rd & 1st, so I suppose they would deliver to 19th & 2nd too.

          And we sometimes ordered from New York Burger Company on Park & 24th. Excellent fries.

          1. re: valerie

            Wer'e in StuyTown at 18th/1st, so I know all of these places will deliver to you.
            I agree that Cottage, which used to be pretty good, has plummeted since it changed ownership several months back. We've been ordering from Chef28 which has been OK, nothing more. I haven't tried Jimmy's yet, but will.
            Murray's Falafel on 1st/15th is terrific for Israeli/Middle Eastern.
            Also, try the "Super Meat and Chicken Combo" from Big Arc Chicken (1st/14th). Plentiful, delicious and around $11! (Ask for extra Tahini Sauce.)
            Manna Kitchen on 18th/Park will deliver very nice Korean food.
            We also like Lucky Chicken, 1st/22nd, but only for their chicken-nothing more.
            Sarge's is OK for Jewish (not Kosher) Deli and, though quite a bit pricier, a far better alternative to run-of-the-mill diner food.
            That's all I can think of at the moment. If anyone else can recommend good Vietnamese (Pho) in the 'hood, I'm all ears.

      2. re: brookeSA

        don't ever eat at piccolo's. andrea's is cash only. for sushi delivery i get umi no aji? it is decent for delivery. i think chosi has gone down hill in recent years.

        1. re: fein

          has anyone had kanoyama deliver for sushi? i've been there and i like it and i see they deliver up to 23rd street. good idea?

          1. re: jon

            ordered from Kanoyama last night.

            FYI, they only take CASH for deliveries and sometimes you need to be patient with the order taker.

            Usually the food comes in 30 minutes or less.(fwiw I'm in StuyTown nr 18th St)

            Quality is good, better than Mizu I think, though it's been awhile since I've ordered from there. Plus imo, Kanoyama has a better selection than most sushi places that deliver (ie they'll deliver omakase)

        2. re: brookeSA

          How about B&H Dairy? They're on 2nd just below St. Marks (two doors over from Paul's Place).

          One of my absolute favorite places in the city. The challah French toast is delicious, as are their blintzes, pierogis, and soups. They also have lox, eggs and onions! YUM!


          1. re: TipsyMcStagger

            I've never timed it right to go into B & H. It's the pierogis that I'd be after. I'll be sure to go in next time I'm in the neighborhood. Thanks!

        3. I'm a block away from you.

          I always get Posto's pizza, and I'm a huge fan of their house salad.
          La Tina's Comida Latina has decent latin/mexican food
          Limon on 24th has fantastic Turkish food and super fast delivery
          For sushi I just call Yama at 17th and 3rd on my way home and pick up the order, it's superior to anyone delivering in this area.
          I love Essa Bagel but I've never called for delivery
          New York Burger Co. Burgers and Blue 9 also delivers
          For fast food (no haters please!) Papa John's is on 24th and 2nd
          Havana Central near Union Square delivers to our area
          S'Mac for artery clogging-ly good mac and cheese
          For fast food mexican I opt for San Loco on 7th and 2nd Ave

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          1. re: elyseNY

            Nice call on La Tina's- forgot that one!! Their pork sandwiches are delicious and a good value.

            1. re: elyseNY

              I don't know what the OP ended up choosing, but thanks to to this thread I found out about La Tina's. Their ropa vieja was flavorful, not dry at all and much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen below 96th st. The woman next to me ordered the small burrito--it was enormous and looked like two of Chipotle's combined. Ooo and they had Dominican sodas. I will be back--frequently. Have yet to try them for delivery though, I usually need the walk from my office to work off some of what I just ate.

              1. re: bookmonger

                Yes, the one time I stumbled into La Tina's I had a very good, Dominican-style chicken dish. Curious how their Mexican is.

                I'm not usre if they deliver that far but Sirtaj (26th btwn 6th and Bway) is a great inexpensive Indian place, really special.