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Mar 13, 2008 07:51 AM

ISO Kosher Butcher North Shore Long Island

Actually, I'm searching for lamb shanks, kosher or non-kosher, but I think a kosher butcher might regularly carry them, particularly a sephardic place. I live in Sea Cliff, so Roslyn (persian community) would be my first choice, but I'm sure there are places in Great Neck.
The New Hyde Park Pathmark has a serious Abels and Heyman selection, do they have a kosher meat section too?
Please help--I really want to make shanks this weekend!!

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  1. Check perhaps Mauzones in Little Neck, if they cater to the Persian community over there. That is the biggest north shore butchery that I can think of.

    1. Try Great Neck Glatt on Middleneck Road in Great Neck.

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        I found a place called Roslyn Kosher Foods, 1044 Willis Avenue Albertson NY 11507. I don't know if they are orthodox kosher or just kosher style, next time I go I'll ask if they are open on Shabbos. But they did have lamb shanks, and a tremendous A&H variety (kosher for passover cervelat sticks!!). It's an old greezy looking place, but they seem to know their meat. The meat selection was quite impressive. The woman behind the counter, Gladys, is character. A good find.