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Mar 13, 2008 07:47 AM

Butcher on North Shore LI?

I live in Sea Cliff. I don't have a butcher yet. I know "My Private Butcher" moved to Bernard's and that their stuff is very good, but it's very expensive. North Shore Farm butcher is pretty weak IMO. Any suggestions?
Also, I am looking for lamb shanks to braise this weekend. North Shore doesn't carry them and Bernard's could order them, but not by the weekend. I would imagine that a butcher serving the Persian community in Roslyn might regularly carry lamb shanks, or Great Neck. Please help!

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  1. Prime Time Butcher
    8045 Jericho Tpke., (Woodbury Country Square)
    Top top top notch butcher. Not cheap but worth it.

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      what about Fairway in Plainview? a drive from sea cliff, but their butcher section along with olives, cheese coffee etc is amazing

    2. Prime Time also has a new location on Willis Avenue in Roslyn Heights. Agreed that they are not cheap. There is also Ceriello's, further south on Willis Ave. in Williston Park. They have an excellent butcher counter and can probably get you lamb shanks if they don't have them. The Persian community in Roslyn is kosher, so you can try a kosher butcher if you want, it is true that they may have it. Be careful when you ask for lamb shanks right now though. They may be thinking you are asking for a shankbone for Passover.

      1. Closest butcher to SC I know of is: Birch Hill Meats
        153 Birch Hill Road, Locust Valley, NY 11560

        BTW, I agree Bernard's is expensive not only for butchering but everything they sell.