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Mar 13, 2008 07:47 AM

Best Cinnamon Rolls in or near chester co.

I live in Downingtown, PA - chester county - and am desperately wanting to locate some fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls at a bakery! Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I'm pregnant and dying for some :-)

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  1. Have you checked the bakery at Wegman's? That's the first place I'd look for ANY baked goods in the Downiingtown area.

    1. Hi snowy, my name is Betty. I'm originally from west phila. class of 53. Different world there today. There is a place called Grammy O's ( in Bucks county. e-mail grammyo' phone: 804-564-4856 buns) There's also MALLON" Homemade sticky buns They look soooo delecious 1340 bay Avenue Ocean city N.J. 08226 phone- 1-609-399-5531 $29.00 per dozen.Ck. their websites. If there's a Au Bon Pan near you they carry them also.Take care, Bechevarria

      1. Here's a bakery I haven't personally been too, but have been hoping to visit. I think they might have what you are looking for. It's called weinrich's bakery (celebrating it's 46th anniversary so they must be doing something right) and is in Newtwon Square. Please let us know if you get there and what you think. Here a link to an article about it in the Inquirer:

        Good Luck!

        1. Snowy: Congrats! While not a place to go to buy a dozen or so cinnamon rolls, check out the cinnamon roll french toast at the King Street Grill on Rt. 30o in Frazer. It will satisfy that craving!

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            Remember Hanscom's cinnamon buns?
            I'd give anything for them to come back again.

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              Hanscom's Cinnamon Buns were called "Carioca Gems" back when I was a kid growing up in Ardmore. They were superior to any cinnamon bun I have ever tasted. Hanscom's is long gone but I have been on a quest to try to replicate the recipe. Best substitute for their frosting is Crosse & Balckwell's Brandied Hard Sauce. I have tried various recipes for brioche to approximate the bun itself, with cinnamon sugar swirled inside. Making progress, but haven't quite found a recipe yet that matches my recollection of the original. If I get there, I'll post it here.

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              Collih - last sunday had a late breakfast at the King Street Grill. Ordered the Cinnamon Roll French Toast which came with their 'famous' cinnamon butter. The dish was really yummy:) loved it. and hope to go back sometime soon.

            3. Wanted to give a quick update on the cinnamon roll hunt. I bought a 6 pack of sticky buns from the reading terminal market a couple weekends ago (from the amish bakery there). Brought those home and they were good but a bit dry.

              Then decided to check out Wegmans bakery this morning as CindyJ had suggested. Excellent suggestion - they had a pecan sticky bun - i was able to just buy one which was nice. Brought that home, warmed it up, and YUMM it was wonderful!

              I still plan to check out the Weinrich's Bakery some weekend soon. I read the article Mirangela posted and hope to do this soon. Sunday I am meeting a friday for brunch at the king street grille - never been there - and just might check out that cinnamon roll french toast!! Thanks again for all the suggestions.