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Apr 5, 2002 07:14 PM

Weight Watchers

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I'm just curious if there are any dual citizens - Chowhound and Weight Watchers member - apart from me...

Have a great weekend everyone!! I love this forum!

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  1. Yup, I am, for about 6 months now. Lost 20 lbs. It's been a blessing for all parts of my life...except my culinary adventures. Sigh. One can't have all things (trying to is what packed the lbs on in the first place). But I am pleasantly surprised how quickly and thoroughly I managed to incoporate good food with dieting - I know, I know, it's a "lifestyle change" not a "diet" - though rare is the occaison I indulge in a steakhouse, French, Chinese, Thai or dessert these days. Sigh. Those were the days.... :)

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      Hee hee, likewise in terms of dining out. But somehow being on WW has caused my culinary interest to bloom. I'm hoping to somehow learn to cook my favorite (especially ethnic) foods in a low-pts way - perhaps there's a cooking school around that would do that, though I doubt it (especially with the fact that I cook for myself only -- there doesn't seem to be much interest in single person cooking).

      Thanks for the reply! Glad I'm not the only one!

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        Caitlin Wheeler

        One of the things I have loved on Weight Watchers - which I have just "rejoined" after a 3 month hiatus -- is sushi and Vietnamese food. Sushi is 2 points for 4 pieces, and 1 cup of Pho is only 2 points! And I definitely don't feel deprived eating either one.

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          Sushi! I've become such a sushi freak thanks to Weight Watchers - it's my lunchtime luxury :)

          Happy chowing and ww-ing! :)


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            pls join us there!

    2. Check out cooking light, the magazine. They also have a website, They have a number of really interesting ethnic recipies, unique spices are integrated into dishes and most importantly, you will learn techniques for flavorful, lower fat and calorie cooking.

      Another way to be a lean foodie - portion size and exercise. You really can do it all!

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      1. re: Paige

        Just came back to WW and doing it online. I'm turning 60, graduated my second child and last from BC and it's time for me to get healthy. Man, I love to eat and have a few pops. That's not going to take me very far, for sure. Sigh.

        1. re: Paige

          CL is awesome. Hands down my favorite CHish mag.

        2. I was on WW (and a WW leader for a time). It was switching to their Core plan that re-introduced good food to my way of eating. I'd become so dependent on frozen, pre-packaged, over-processed foods to keep my "points" down that I'd lost touch with real food. I'd also stopped cooking. The Core list was a great way for me to try new foods and start cooking again. I love it.

          While not strictly following WW these days, I do still watch my use of high point type foods. I've found that eating "real food" and paying attention to my satiety level has made all the difference for me. It did take quite a while to learn the difference between being satisfied (not hungry) and full.

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            1. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with weight watchers for a few years. I was often bothered by the reliance on fake-foods, especially the use of margarine over butter, so I modified most WW recipes to use calorie-equal but less artificial foods. After a few months of meetings I switched to online b/c the time commitment for meetings was too much and too repetitive. I've found a 3 month run of WW online is a good way to get back on track after the holidays. I still think in terms of point when I'm planing out my meals for the week and making the grocery list, but I don't think I'll go back to WW for real anytime soon.