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Mar 13, 2008 07:45 AM

Good Places Off The Red Line

We will be staying at the Universal City Hilton from Saturday through Tuesday and we'd like some good chow places that are off the red line because we would like to try the subway system. One of us is a vegetarian and the other has extremely eclectic tastes. As I don't want to wear a tie, casual places are preferred.

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  1. Eclectic Cafe go to the north hollywood station it's about 2 blocks south on Lankershim.

    1. You might start with this Post to get a sense of what to find and where:

      1. Well, Chinatown, Olvera Street and Little Tokyo are all within walking distnce of the metro, as are Hollywood and Highland.

        You can also use the Red line to connect to the Gold line and ride to Pasadena, a but of a wonky trip, but totally on the metro..get a day pass to get the most rideage for your $$

        A new Yum Cha opened in Chinatown, known for really great order at the counter dim sum. be prepared to throw elbows! also for Dim sum is Ocean Seafood and Empress Pavillion. no need of a tie, but remember to be prepared in Yum cha to throw elbows and push to the front, or that sweet little chinese lady will do it to you (not racist, serious, that's how things are done at Yum Cha) Oh, and in a sit down place, dim sum is served from around 10 am to about 2 pm..not for dinner.

        Olvera street is fun to wander, look at the touristy and non touristy mexican wares, grab a churro, and visit a few cfes for middling to excellent mexican food. I also like the mexican candy stalls

        If you can get to Little Tokyo, I would find Fugetsudo, a shop that is over 100 years old and sells the most amazingly delicious sweet mochi (bean paste, lotus paste and fruit paste, peanut butter filled or totally unfilled sweet rice paste balls). Go into the Japanese Village Plaza and stop at the bakery/ cafe there called Mitsuru. You'll see a person making little re bean filled cakey things, sort of like abelskiever. get a ton of those, they are YUMMY! there are good noodle houses, such as daikokuya, great fried cicken (kokoyekoko or someting) and great susi (Sushi Go 55 and Sushi Gen)

        In the Valley, you could go just one stop North to North Hollywood, visit Thai Gulch (an area, not a place to eat, lots of good Thai in No Ho), the Eclectic cafe, Sitton's Diner or any number of really good spots.

        none of the places I mentioned require a tie!

        Ooh, if you make the teck from red to gold line to pasadena, there are a plethora of nice places...use the search function on here to look for "pasadena"

        1. Or Red Line to Purple Line will get you into Koreatown, where there are numerous places within a block or so of the stops.

          1. First and foremost, Langer's for pastrami (Mon-Sat, only until 4 pm). That doesn't work for the vegetarian, I realize, but we're talking about quite possibly the best pastrami in the universe. That's for the one with eclectic tastes, I suppose. The vegetarian will have to make do with some rye bread and maybe some cabbage soup, or an egg salad sandwich, cheese blintzes, etc. But seriously...the pastrami could convert the most devout vegetarian.