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Mar 13, 2008 07:44 AM

Best Brunch/Lunch on Southport

I was wondering if people have a favorite place to eat for brunch or lunch in or around the Southport Corridor (Southport between Belmont and Irving Park).

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  1. Sola at Lincoln and Byron is likely the best for upscale-ish brunch in the general vicinity.

    Mystic Celt on Southport hires an independent caterer for thier's the perfect hangover brunch and pretty darn good for twelve bucks!!!. The carving stations open after 12.

    1. Julius Meinl has terrific baked eggs. Also recommend the chicken salad sandwich for lunch.
      Ann Sather for the cinnamon rolls
      Southport Grocery and Cafe
      Uncommon Ground at Clark (and Waveland?) is also good for brunch.
      Deleece is excellent as well

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        I second Deleece and Uncommon Ground

      2. Coobah! for the alcohol friendly. great latin options paired with perfectly prepared cocktails.

        1. Has anyone eaten at Violet yet? It's on Southport a couple blocks south of Irving. I put it on my list of places to try after reading the review in Metromix (toffee batter pancakes?), and I'd love to hear a report from anyone who's been there.


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            I LOVE Southport Grocery, seriously delicious! Julius Meinl is ok, I wasn't crazy about it for breakfast but would try it again.

            I have been to Violet but I think it had only been open for about a week or two. I would say definitely not great then and the floors made peoples footsteps sound SOOO loud. We went with 2 friends of ours and were ready for a comfy brunch and everyone was moving sooo fast and sooo loud we could barely concentrate on our conversation. The breakfast was just ehhhh, I have had way better. JMO

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              I will admit that Julius Meinl's wait can be long and the service a bit spotty/slow... but definitely try the baked eggs next time...

              Re: Violet - we've been twice. The first time we really enjoyed it. I had the steak and dirty eggs and my husband had one of the special french toasts. The steak had great flavor, so good that I ordered it again when we went back a second time. That time it was good, not great. But we would go back. We went early both times, like 8:30ish on a Sunday so it wasn't terribly crowded and we didn't feel rushed as Gweck noted. FYI, our waiter told us that they were planning to change the name this summer, cuisine would be French and they'd be open for dinner...

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              I've been to Violet twice. The first time, for breakfast on a Sunday, was fine in terms of the food. I had the quiche which was pretty good and the BF had eggs. We both thought the portion sizes were a bit skimpy in relation to the price.

              My biggest complaint was the service, maybe they were a bit understaffed, but it bothered me that we couldn't get our server's attention (or anyone's attention for that matter) when we needed more coffee or more water.

              Our server never came back to ask how things were, yet he and the other server in our section literally fawned over another couple just a table away from ours. They appeared to have had finished their meal by the time we sat down, yet their coffee mugs never got past half-full!

              I came back a few days later for lunch by myself and the service still underwhelming and the food failed to impress.

            3. I third the Southport Grocery suggestions - it is a little on the casual side but everything I've had there has been delicious, especially the "grown-up Pop Tart".

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                how busy is southport grocery on a saturday or sunday morning? i walk by it all the time but i've never tried it. sounds like the spot i'm looking for.

                1. re: turkob

                  It can get pretty busy, more so at lunch time though. I think you can also get take-out if you don't want to wait for a table (it's a pretty small spot).