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Mar 13, 2008 07:40 AM

Santa Fe is definitely closed?

I am so sad to have heard the rumor that the Santa Fe Cafe on Frenchmen is closed. I am heading back to the Crescent City for a visit next month and to this day am raving about the amazing seafood nachos I had there once ten years ago at the Santa Fe, with crawfish and crabmeat on them, possibly the most delicious thing I've ever eaten, an unexpected treasure. So good, it could bring tears to your nacho-lovin' eyes. Does anybody else down there serve that particular combo, and do it well? Or are the folks from Santa Fe restauranteering somewhere else now? Oh, the fallout from Katrina, so many losses... Tell me the rumor I heard is not true.

Thanks for your locally-savvy input!

Molly in Boston
(but must have lived in NOLA in a past life...)

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  1. 10 years is a long, long time. Yes, Santa Fe is closed. It reopened briefly after Katrina under new ownership, but it didn't last very long--it was terrible by all accounts I ever heard. It's an italian place called Del Forno now.

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      Long time indeed. I've been back several time since, including once Post-K about a year ago, but my schedule (or travel companions) have not allowed for me to make it back to check out the Santa Fe since then. Sad to hear it's gone. Any other spots serve nachos w/crawdads? I'd never heard of that combo, but was absolutely wowed by it.

    2. Just another note on Santa Fe. Their longtime chef (NOT the owner, but the chef who worked for him) was hired by The Marigny Brasserie shortly after Katrina and is still there. IMHO, their food became markedly better with him on board. I had dinner there two weeks ago and found the quality as good as it's ever been. If anyone remembers the excellent Chicken Maximilian from Santa Fe, you might want to be aware that it is a staple on the MB menu and still as good as ever.

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        Oh, yes, I ate there last time I was in town (11/06) and the food was very good! Thanks for the info, jeffchow!