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Mar 13, 2008 07:14 AM

where to eat on Argyle

I keep hearing about all the Vietnamese food at Argyle, so I've decided to check it out for myself.

Any recommendations on where to go? I know Pho is a Vietnamese specialty, is there anything else I should try while I'm up there?

Is this is a fun area to walk around in, or do people usually just go for the food then take off?

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  1. Tank Noodle for Vietnamese it is on the corner of Argyle, and Broadway

    Tank Noodle
    4953 N. Broadway

    For my favorite chinese food in the city, where they have their duck, and pork products hanging in the front window I go to Sun Wah BBQ

    Sun Wah BBQ
    1134 W. Argyle

    It is a neat area to walk around weather permitting, with asian shops mixed in with the restaurants.

    1. I have to recommend Tank Noodle also. You should give anything they have clay pot style a try or the Vietnamese "Crepe"; there.

      Unless you need to hit up a Vietnamese grocery store or a one of those chinese bakeries there isn't much hanging around to do.

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      1. re: mai_world

        Are you talking about the crepe stuffed with bean sprouts? I had this the last time I went to Tank and it was really bland. The crepe was excellent, but the filling bean sprouts were unseasoned--is this normal?

        1. re: Eaterlover

          Well this is how you are supposed to eat them. crepe, bean spourts, wrapped in the lettuce and mint, basil and dipped into the fish sauce. Personally I've never eaten the dish at tank noodle. I only eat it when my mom makes it for me.

      2. why does everyone like tank noodle so much, probably my least favorite that I have been to on argyle.

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        1. re: Chargenda

's not the best, but it's very accessible, has an easily-reached location(sure can't miss it), and huge menu.

          1. re: Chargenda

            How about another suggestion instead?

            1. re: YoYoPedro

              sorry, that was rude of me. I really like Tien Giang on Argyle after having been to maybe half the others on the strip, that's my fav.

          2. Go to 777. IMO Tank's soup stock is too sweet.

            1. I'm actually not sure the name of it but it is easy to find, although it looks really bizarre, they have the best noodle soups. It is the place on the north side of the street with the ducks hanging in the window. For like 5.50 you get this huge bowl of soup with sliced duck or whatever you want and chicken and lots of noodles. You'll be amazed and not diappointed.

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              1. re: andigirl

                I used to LOVE Tank when it was a small little homey place down Argyle... ever since business boomed and they expanded, food isn't made as well as before. My mom plus 10 friends went to Tank a couple weeks ago, a couple of them even ordered takeout for their families. When they asked for take-home containers for their leftovers, the Tank staff said, "If you promise not to get separate bills, I'll give you the containers.. otherwise, I'm charging you for these containers." ridiculous.

                My favorite Vietnamese place in Chicagoland area is Tay Do.. HUGE menu, best flavor.. LOVE their beef spring rolls (with fish sauce)... mmm!

                Tay Do
                1232 Bloomingdale Rd. Glendale Heights, IL 60139

                1. re: starrytear

                  I agree, Tank isn't what it was when it first opened, I was there a couple of weeks ago with some co-workers, one was even Vietnamese, staff was kind of rude and only spoke to the Vietnamese guy at our table. The seafood soup was incredible, though.

                  1. re: aelph

                    There is another place (forgot the name) down the street (same side, going towards the lake) that has ducks and chickens hanging. They do an amazing suckling pig (if you can get it, not available all the time).

                    I do prefer Sun Wah for their noodle and dumpling soups.

                    1. re: citywayne

                      I'm blanking right now too, but it's a Vietnamese joint(whereas Sun Wah is Chinese) they also offer banh mi.

                      1. re: aelph

                        Nah, I think it is Chinese... standard cantonese noodle menu.
                        But if they have banh mi, then they are catering to the Vietnamese crowd too then. Didn't notice Pho or bun on the menu, but I haven't been there for a while.

                        1. re: citywayne

                          Still blanking on the name...but it's definitely Vietnamese-named...the place on Sheridan cattycorner to the residence hotel/halfway house.

                          1. re: aelph

                            Hon Kee
                            1064 W Argyle St
                            Chicago, Il 60640
                            9am - 9pm
                            Closed Tuesday

                            This is the other BBQ place on Argyle. I really like the goi ga (chicken salad) at Cafe Hoang at 1010 W. Argyle. I also like the banh xao (crispy pancake), although I have them hold the pork as it is usually not to my taste. The spicy lemon beef salad is also a winner, as are the "roll your own" grilled beef rolls from the traditional Vietnamese portion of the menu. The place is very plain and byob.

                            I also like the Bo La Lot and Seven courses of beef served at Hai Yen at 1055 W. Argyle.

                            1. re: deesher

                              I finally looked it up: Vinh Phat
                              4940 N. Sheridan Rd.

                              seems pretty Vietnamese to me

                              1. re: deesher

                                That's the one Hon kee. See if you can get the suckling roast pig.

                                1. re: citywayne

                        're saying they're the same restaurant with two different names, Vinh Phat and Hon Kee, and two different addresses(one on Sheridan and one on Argyle just around the corner)?

                                  1. re: aelph

                                    They are not the same restaurant.

                                    1. re: deesher

                                      I know...citywayne appears to be insisting they are. Unless I'm completely misreading his comments.

                                    2. re: aelph

                                      No it's Hon Kee and it's on Argyle on the north side of the street. It's about 3 blocks east of Broadway.
                                      I can't attest for Vinh Phat.
                                      Sorry for the confusion.

                                      1. re: citywayne

                                        There wasn't any confusion on my part :)

                                        When I originally wrote I was blanking on the place's name I was thinking of Vinh Phat.