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Apr 5, 2002 07:01 PM

What is the biggest dim sum restaurant?

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I'm always awed by the scale of the Empress Pavillion downtown. It must be bigger than 99% of the restaurants in LA. For me, it adds to the atmosphere. Nothing against a little bistro, but in a childlike way, big stuff seems cool. Yeah, I like those TLC shows about the giant tractors and cranes. Anyway, I've heard there are some even bigger dim sum places in Monterey Park. Can anyone suggest a really BIG dim sum place? :)

Anyone know what the biggest restaurant (of any type) is in the LA area?

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  1. I think Ocean Star (145 N. Atlantic, 2nd fl.) is the biggest with a capacity just under 1,000.

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      It has to compete with NBC Seafood, which is also on Atlantic, south of Garvey and past the Marie Callender's. Uff da, so huge!