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Mar 13, 2008 06:45 AM

Help - West Village dinner tonight, near PATH station??

Looking for a spot with conversation- and wallet-friendly atmosphere for dinner tonight with an old colleague/friend, preferably $15 or under an entree, any cuisine is fine. Near 9th/6th ave or Christopher/Hudson or 14th/6th ave would be ideal. Thanks so much!

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  1. How about Malatesta, which is at Washington St & Christopher. Tasty & affordable Italian.

    1. 8th street between 5th and 6th has a bunch of places depending on what time you will be going an what you are looking for.

      If you are going out early 8th street wine cellar is a sweet little wine bar with good small plates
      Otto (at 5th ave) is also very nice if its not too crowded
      If you don't care about atmosphere Pio Mayo has great, cheep Mexican - no liquor.
      Sushi Yawa is pretty good and a pretty, quiet space

      Elsewhere in the area I like Galanga Thia on West 4th, by the park
      and for a bit pricier though not too bad La Palapa on 6th ave is good Mexican as well and yummy margaritas

      1. Right by the 6th Ave, there's Alta and Salam. By Christopher, there's Pardo's, Lederhosen, Mexicana Mama, Da Andrea and Moustache.

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        1. On 9th st between 5th and 6th avenue, almost directly across from the path station, is a wonderful neighborhood french bistro called Village (62 w9th st). The steak au poivre is scrumptious, the mussels are deelish, the roast chicken is one of the best in town and the staff is very informed and very friendly. The chef is very well known in New York and was the chef at Odeon for years and years before opening Village about 7 years ago. Since you're on a budget you'll also be happy to know that they offer a wonderful prix fix that includes an appetizer or dessert, entree and glass of wine or beer for 28 smackeroos.

          Alta in almost the exact same spot on 10th street has very tasty tapas treats but their service is what I would describe as atrocious. I've given them so so so many chances because I love their food but the service has plateaued at awful for me. I spent my birthday there with ten other friends last year and among other things we ended up bussing plates off our tables, writing down orders to hand to the waiter and we always had empty wine glasses. the foods yum yum but I would avoid this place if you want to leave happy on all fronts.

          Theres also a very very tasty vegetarian restaurant that will fit well into your budget. Gobo on 6th ave between waverly and 8th st is very tasty yum good. I'm by no means a vegetarian but you won't miss eating meat here. Asian fusion meets home cooking and the atmosphere is very cozy & cute, sort of like a country kitchen.

          Good luck!

          1. Also right across the street from the path station on the corner of Christopher and Greenwich St there is an Italian place Gaetana's which has a great atmopshere for catching-up with a old buddy. Great pizzas and pasta at affordable prices. Have fun BFF