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Mar 13, 2008 06:25 AM

Daniel Bouloud and Lotus of Siam and more ?

We are taking Mother-in-Law to Las Vegas for her 85th birthday at the end of March. Right now we plan for the birthday dinner to be at Daniel Bouloud. Has anyone been there recently (this year) and have anything to say about it? Also how far is Lotus of Siam from the Bellagio and how easy is it to get there? We also need a recommendation for someplace with decent food but not too pricey for the night when she treats all 7 of us (We are not considering any of the really great places discussed on this board because of her recent protests over meals that cost $100 per person-yet she does not want bad food). I ruled out Rosemary's because of the possibility of the cab ride taking the price per person beyond what is acceptable to the cheap non-foodies in our group.

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  1. i think it's about a 10min cab ride from the bellagio to LOS. but be sure to call in advance for the cab ride back (the restaurant can do it for you if you ask), they don't have that many cabs off the strip and it could take a long time for one to get to the restaurant. some people seem to have had luck and only waited like 10min, when i was there, we were told at least 30min! we had a great meal there so it was worth it!

    1. Do consider Todd's; off strip but much shorter cab ride than Rosemary's and I think you'd easily get out for under $100 a head even with cab far. The food is terrific and I think a good value. For that price point on the strip, you could consider Mon Ami Gabi, but it's bistro-ish and thus similar to DB. Some of the other places (FIX for example) at that price point are pretty loud. Another option in the Fashion Show Mall might be Maggiano' style italian. It's not fab food but usually solid.

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        Staying within the Fashion Show Mall ... how about Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. I really like that place for lunch. Their sangrias are all really tasty and they don't skimp on portions. Great date place as well. Make sure to sit outside if it's nice.

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          Thanks for all comments and especially for this last bit about Ba Ba Reeba which might make a great lunch idea for one of the days especially if it is nice. Maggianos is out since it is big and overdone here in Texas.

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          MAG turned out to be my favorite restaurant on our trip so thanks,lvnvflyer. My sister-in-law and I did a very good lunch outside there and then went back the same night with the rest of the family for a great dinner in the sunroom. In fact, it was so good and good value and fun that when we went to DB the next night, no one liked it as well though I felt there was a difference in the food and atmosphere. I wish I had remembered your comment.

        3. Just an FYI...Cafe Ba Ba Reeba has a great happy hour M-F with tapas for $3 and deals on the sangria as well. The Cravings buffet at the Mirage is good and not too expensive for dinner.