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Mar 13, 2008 06:17 AM

best way to hold steamed dumplings

I need to take some pre-cooked steamed asian dumplings to a party tonight. what is the best way to hold them and transport them still warm and keep them from getting sticky.

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  1. A little oil might help but they're going to stick as they cool if they're touching. Maybe you could spray each one with oil. Are you steaming them yourself? I'm try putting each one in a little pocket of lettuce/cabbage before steaming and transporting them that way so only the steamed lettuce touches and not the dumplings. Fill a 9x13 casserole dish w/ a lid, cover and put over hot gel pack. Rubbermaid makes a great thermal holder that comes w/ the casserole dishes and a gel pack that you can heat or freeze.

    1. How about just transporting them in the steamer?

      I ususally steam dumplings in with a bamboo steamer, which has multiple stacks and stacks nicely on top of each other (sort of like a stack of checkers). You just pick it up by the handle on top and you're good to go.